Armie Hammer's Aunt Says She "Wasn't Shocked" by Rape Allegation Against Him

By Paige Strout Sep 08, 2022 12:05 AMTags

Casey Hammer is sharing her thoughts on the allegations against her nephew, actor Armie Hammer.

Upon learning of sexual assault and rape allegations made against the Call My By Your Name star by a former partner, Casey exclusively told E! News' Daily Pop that she "wasn't shocked" by the news given her family's dark past. That past is explored in the new discovery+ docuseries House of Hammer, which premiered September 2.

"You don't just wake up one morning and say, 'I'm gonna be a monster.' It's a learned behavior," she told Daily Pop's Francesca Amiker, adding, "My family's evil."

Armie Hammer has denied the accusations and maintains all sexual experiences were consensual.

Casey—who is the sister of Armie's father Michael Armand Hammer—recalled her own past abuse she allegedly experienced at the hands of her father, Julian Hammer, on Daily Pop, saying, "The fact that I was 11 years old and I'm holding a phone book while my father shot at me, it's like that was a normal experience for me.

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Especially in a world before people could share their stories on social media, Casey said she "didn't know that wealthy, famous, powerful people didn't abuse their children or put them in harm's way."

But perhaps the "scariest thing" Casey relived while rewatching the docuseries was an alleged instance from her 30s in which her father, as she put it, "Held the gun up to my temple every hour to make sure I wasn't possessed by the aliens and was gonna pull the trigger." She shares the full story on the discovery+ show.

She went on to praise the "smart, intelligent, [and] successful" women who shared their experiences in the docuseries, as she hopes to inspire other victims of abuse with her own story.

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"It all started when I was just speaking my truth and hopefully empowering women," she said. "If I could affect one person, my story was worth it."

Allegations first arose against Armie in January 2021 after alleged NSFW messages from the star were leaked by a former partner, some of which read, "I need to drink your blood," and "You're my angel! You're made to save me." The poster, @houseofeffie, later admitted the messages were false.

Then in March 2021, a woman by the name of Effie (who declined to give her last name) accused Armie of abusing her "mentally, emotionally and sexually," as well as "violently" raping her in April 2017 in Los Angeles.

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Armie's lawyer, Andrew Brettler, denied the claims in a statement to E! News on March 18, 2021, saying, "From day one, Mr. Hammer has maintained that all of his interactions with [Effie]—and every other sexual partner of his for that matter—have been completely consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance, and mutually participatory." The case is still under investigation.

Hear more of Casey's story in the full interview above.

House of Hammer is streaming now on discovery+.