Dylan Dreyer's Forecast Calls for Compromise and Cooperation in Inspiring Children's Book

In her new children’s book Misty the Cloud: Friends Through Rain or Shine, Today meteorologist Dylan Dreyer delivered a story on getting along and learning to compromise with others.

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As a mom of three boys including Calvin, 5, Oliver, 2, and 11-month-old RussellToday show meteorologist Dylan Dreyer knows kids can experience a wide variety of emotions for a whole lot of reasons.

"One wants to play one thing and the other wants to play with something else," Dylan exclusively shared with E! News. "Before running into issues, I say, ‘Guys, let's just take a deep breath and let's figure this out. Let's make this work.' They end up doing something totally different, but they're doing it together and they end up having a fun time together." 

The familiar journey helped inspire Dylan's latest children's book titled Misty the Cloud: Friends Through Rain or Shine. Available on Sept. 13, the sequel to the New York Times best-selling book Misty the Cloud: A Very Stormy Day tells the story of a cloud who gets interrupted by a group of sunbeams.

While the clouds and sunbeams may have a hard time putting aside their differences and agreeing on a game, they finally find a way to come together and make something beautiful. In this story, it's a big, beautiful rainbow.

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"We're introducing compromise and giving up one thing in place of something else," Dylan explained. "When you get along that way, good things happen."


While the book is intended for children, Dylan has no doubt that the central message on working together will resonate with parents as well. As a mom who has spent the past five years reading books to her children, the meteorologist wanted to create something that mothers and fathers would enjoy reading too. 

"We all need to figure out our emotions and what to do with them sometimes and this one especially, it's all just about getting along," she said. "There are times where things can just get overwhelming and sometimes you need to just step back, take a deep breath and just calm down."

Or perhaps the best option is to simply open up a good book. No matter how sunny or cloudy the day is, Dylan joins her husband Brian Fichera and their three kids for a bedtime story every night. The quality time can help this family weather any storm that comes their way.

"I think there's just so much kids can get out of a book," she said. "Always make time for it."

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