Find Out the Big Twist Revealed at the End of The Bachelorette's Fantasy Suites Episode

The Sept. 6 episode The Bachelorette packed enough twists and turns to leave us spinning. Find out what went down on night two of fantasy suites and what drama awaits.

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A season with two Bachelorettes demanded two nights of fantasy suites—and boy, they did not disappoint.

Before we get to the dramatic events of the Sept. 6 episode of The Bachelorette, however, if you didn't watch the first night of fantasy suites on Sept. 5, there's plenty to catch up on. 

Here's a quick recap: Johnny told Gabby that he wasn't ready for an engagement and left before even making it to the suite. Erich told Gabby that he wasn't happy with the idea of her sleeping with other men, which made Gabby understandably upset. Meanwhile, Jason told host Jesse Palmer that he wasn't falling in love with Gabby, though he's yet to break the news to her.

On Rachel's side, she and Aven had a great date, which culminated with Rachel saying "Aven is the full package" after their night in the fantasy suite. Her date with perceived frontrunner Tino was even better, as both Rachel and Tino confessed they were in love with each other.

OK, you're all caught up. 

Night two started on the morning of Gabby and Jason's overnight date—or at least that's what Gabby thought. As he already made clear, Jason had plans to tell Gabby that he was very uncertain of a potential future with her. Despite his intentions, however, the two played a very awkward game of tennis with the threat of Jason's pronouncement looming in the air.

At dinner, the other shoe dropped.

"Obviously, I do know that I'm into you. When I'm with you, I'm having some of the best days ever," Jason told Gabby. "I know the expectation of this for a lot of people is getting engaged and being fully in love. To be completely transparent and honest, I don't think I'm fully there yet."

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A visibly-shaken Gabby got up from the table, saying, "He was always someone I saw myself with from the very beginning." Jason eventually followed her and explained that he wasn't interested in breaking up, but rather taking things a lot slower—which was enough to convince Gabby to invite him to spend the night. 

All appeared well between Gabby and Jason, until a teary-eyed Gabby appeared the next morning and explained, "Once we got behind closed doors, we were talking in circles and we couldn't agree on how things were going to go or if we needed more time. Honestly, I was running out of patience."

Gabby and Jason met one final time to end things definitively. While stoic and defiant in person, Gabby let all of her emotions out later. "I feel so stupid. I thought I knew him," she said while crying. "I really don't. I've tried so hard to not be reckless with other people and he was reckless with me."

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Meanwhile, it was time for Rachel's final overnight date with Zach. After a day spent tequila tasting and eating grasshoppers in Mexico, Rachel and Zach had a romantic dinner which led into an invitation to Rachel's suite. 

When the sun came up, however, it became clear things did not go as planned.

"Waking up this morning, I'm feeling a little confused after last night," Zach said. "Fantasy suite night with Rachel was not the night I expected. Initially in the fantasy suite, I was feeling so sure. We're having this amazing time, we're one step closer to engagement and we're having that important conversation about religion, politics and all of that stuff."

Zach explained that Rachel expressed concerns about the 25-year-old's ability to commit, which he said "came out of nowhere and I think was bulls--t, to be honest."

So, he did what any confused Bachelorette suitor would do: He went to Jesse Palmer's room for a pep talk! Zach told Jesse that Rachel was a completely different person when the cameras weren't around, which he called "very inauthentic." 

With only one of her men left in Mexico, Gabby decided to forego the rose ceremony and have a conversation with Erich alone. In his room, Gabby told him that she loved him to which Erich exclaimed, "This is frickin' amazing." 

That's one happy ending sorted out.


Meanwhile, as the rose ceremony was about to begin, Zach asked to speak one-on-one with Rachel. However, before we could find out what he said, things cut back to Los Angeles and Jesse standing in the middle of an empty soundstage.

"I know you were all expecting to watch the end of that dramatic rose ceremony in Mexico right now," Jesse said. "I know you're very anxious and eager to find out what happens next."

Yes, Jesse! Yes, we are!

"Unfortunately, you're not going to see that tonight. I'm very, very sorry for that," Jesse continued. "Things have just been so emotional and so dramatic for both Gabby and Rachel that we felt it was right to take a moment to prepare ourselves for the shocking events that are about to take place. Events that are about to change both Rachel and Gabby's lives forever."

Jesse then announced that next week's Bachelorette finale will take place live.

Brace yourselves, Bachelor Nation

The season finale of The Bachelorette airs Sept. 13 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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