Making the Cut's Jeanette Limas Drops an Amazon Collection With a Nicole Richie-Approved Top

Jeanette Limas discusses her winning festival-themed looks from Making the Cut Season 3, including a versatile shirt that Nicole Richie praised as a "wow moment."

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Jeanette Limas Making the CutCourtesy of Making the Cut

We interviewed Jeanette Limas because we think you'll like her picks at these prices. The products featured are from Jeanette's Making the Cut Amazon clothing line. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

We all have a different vision when we hear the word "festival." When the Making the Cut Season 3 fashion designers heard that they were designing festival looks for Episode 5, Jeanette Limas' mind went to her home country, telling E!, "You have to keep it close to your heart, no matter what the challenge is. Find a way for it to mean something to you. When I was in the Dominican Republic growing up, festival tom meant Carnival. We love Carnival. It's so important to us."

She recalled, "I spent months working on my costume. So, it's something I took that's important to me and made it work for the challenge. Everything is crazy around you, but you stick to that little part that means something to you and you can stay focused." 

In an exclusive E! interview, Jeanette talked about her time on the show, her latest Amazon capsule collection, and her treasured experiences with judges Heidi Klum, Nicole Richie, Jeremy Scott, and mentor Tim Gunn. And, of course, she talked about the top from her runway look that Nicole praised for its versatility during the episode.

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E!: During Episode 5, Tim wasn't loving the shirt. He gave you feedback and it ended up being the standout piece with lots of love from Nicole Richie. What was I like getting that feedback from him? It all worked out.
JL: It's hard because I want people to see the whole vision, not just the draft they're looking at right now. It can be hard to explain, ‘no, it's not gonna look like this,' and expect someone to get it in those moments. I agree though. I love his criticisms because he's always fighting for you to do your best. I always listen. When he said the shirt should be a little more fun, I listened and it worked out.

I love it because it was true. He was right. I made it more fun and it worked. The other thing about that show is we only had one day to do those pieces. The artistic look took me a whole day and the second one took just 40 minutes. 

E!: Tell me about your workflow for the assignments. Do you work on both the runway look and the accessible look simultaneously or do you complete one first?
JL: The assignments are different, but I always like to go big first and then do the accessible look. As a designer, you need to fly. We design dreams, right? You want to buy that dress because you want to look like a dream. And then I bring it back in with something wearable inspired by that dream

E!: What was your reaction when you heard this challenge was festival looks?
JL: Oh my gosh. I was terrified because that's the first thing that happens to your mind. Remember, we find out late at night because it's right after a challenge ends. You are so tired and then you're told about the new challenge when you are relaxed thinking ‘I made it. I'm still in here.' And then you're just picking your brain going crazy.

Courtesy of Making the Cut

E!: Nicole loved the top from this collection, which must have been an amazing to hear. What was it like getting feedback from the other judges?
JL:  I really wanted to meet Jeremy Scott. I was like ‘Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.' Even when he was rough, I learned from him. My spirit goes through the roof. I never really thought I would get to meet him this quickly.

In a couple days after getting to LA, I was meeting Heidi, who is so beautiful, tall, and fabulous. Everybody is just so great. It has changed everything for me. 

Jeanette Limas' Capsule Collection From Making the Cut Season 3 Episode 5

Making the Cut Season 3 Episode 5 Winning Look Jeanette's Cropped Blouse and Maxi Skirt

"The top is my favorite. In the episode, Nicole said, ‘I can use that top from the festival with anything.'" 

This top comes in a shiny red fabric and a classic black. The skirt comes in black and red. 

Making the Cut Season 3 Episode 5 Crossover Blouse Inspired by Jeanette's Winning Look and Pleated Wide Leg Pant

"I did these amazing palazzo pants to go with the draped top. The top and the pants look so good together."

Both the top and the palazzo pants are available in a shiny red fabric, a timeless black, and a red floral print fabric. 

Making the Cut Season 3 Episode 5 Winning Look Jeanette's Maxi Skirt and Cropped Blouse

"There's a skirt that goes with the top as well. You have so many beautiful pieces that you can mix, match, and dress up." 

The top and the skirt are both available in black and red.

Making the Cut Season 3 Episode 5 Crepe Sash Wrapped Midi Dress Inspired by Jeanette's Winning Look

"I'm just obsessed with the whole collection. You can easily dress up the dress too. Or make it casual."

This dress also comes in a solid black.

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(This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.)