Josh Kusher, Ivanka Trump

Niche Media/Getty Images

It's not just a banner day for television's talented elite—even those who earned their small-screen time through more nepotistic means have boarded the good news bandwagon.

Like daddy's girl extraordinaire Ivanka Trump, who was all a-Twitter this morning over news of her engagement to her on-again, off-again publishing beau, Jared Kushner.

"I got engaged last night...truly the happiest day of my life!!!" she wrote.

Ah, to be rich and famous.

Of course, such a momentous occasion would never go by without comment from the Donald himself. Brace yourselves for some over-the-top effusion...

"I'm very happy about it," Trump told Us Weekly. "They make a magnificent couple."

What the? Someone oughta let him know it's not the father of the bride who's supposed to get cold feet.

No date—or religious affiliation—has yet been set for the wedding, but rest assured, it will be 'uuuge.


It's that sort of lack of paternal enthusiasm that's keeping Donald Trump out of our Hollywood's Hottest Dads gallery. That and genetics.

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