House Boss: "When Hugh Laurie Has a Note, You Listen"

David Shore talks to us exclusively about Emmy nominations; plus, what's to come in season six!

By Jennifer Godwin Jul 16, 2009 3:18 PMTags
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Everybody's favorite grinchy genius is coming back to the Emmy Awards!

House the series was nominated for Best Drama, and the great Hugh Laurie got his fourth straight nomination for Outstanding Drama Actor.

We just caught up with House boss David Shore, and he told us the secret to the show's nomination streak, and he spilled some juicy deets on season six, including what House's time in the loony bin does to the genius's delicate and very important brain...

So what specifically earned House a nomination this year? "I think people were just in the habit of voting for us; it's been four years," said Shore. (Hey, folks, that right there is what we call charming and refreshing honesty!) Still, Shore said, "I wish the crew had gotten a few more individual nominations, but it's really important to all of us that this be recognized as a good show. It's just a thrill to be recognized for that." Nonetheless, if there is a secret to Emmy nominations, he's not telling the likes of us, "Because I'd just do it again next year."

As for the star of the show, Shore credits Laurie with being not just a genius but also damn economical in this tough recession climate: "He's just an incredibly talented actor who frees us up as writers and frees up, I would say, every single department, because whatever you ask that man to do, he delivers, and he delivers it brilliantly. He understands this character as well as anybody does. When Hugh Laurie has a note, you listen, because he gets it. He's as passionate about this show as anybody else is and that makes him a pleasure to work with." We never get tired of people saying nice things about Hugh Laurie. We've cruelly kidnapped him from his home in England, and while we keep him prisoner here in the States, the least we can do is treat him kindly.

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Now, on with the show: Season six is underway, and Shore told us all about what to expect when the series returns on Sept. 21 to Fox. According to Shore: "We're starting the season with a two-hour House movie directed by [executive producer] Katie Jacobs—it's going to be great. Those two hours take place basically exclusively within the institution."

Will therapy, medication and exposure to fellow crazy people do House any good? "The implementation of that and the success of that is a very open question," said Shore. "House is not turning into a different human being—I say this reassuringly to the audience—he is the same human being, who is perhaps more aggressively trying to make a better life for himself." Will any of that stick? Can House really change for the better? Said Shore, "I think that he's incredibly self-aware, but he has many masters, internally, that he has to serve."

Then, once House makes his way home again, Shore said, "We then go back to more typical episodes—I hate to use that word typical—but we're following up on House getting his license back."

But that transition is not going to be easy. According to Shore, "We want to be honest about this; we want to follow through on what happens to House in an honest way. [The story is what] involvement he does have [in the hospital] and how anxious he is to get back and how we can keep him involved. Certainly, if you've got a genius like that, whether he's licensed or not, you're going to listen to what he has to say." We suspect Dr. Cuddy has something to do with that. The woman cannot get enough of Greg House, even if he did hallucinate and tell.

What did you think about the past season of House? Better than ever or below par? Post your thoughts in the comments!


Hugh Laurie tells us more about House's time in the institution, saying, "There is a small musical element to it."