Kim Kardashian's Alleged Photoshop Fail Has Social Media Buzzing

After Kim Kardashian recently shared a few photos of herself hanging by the pool, the Kardashians star is being accused of photoshopping a muscle located between her neck and shoulders.

By Kisha Forde Aug 31, 2022 6:44 PMTags
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A few of Kim Kardashian's recent photos are turning heads for more than one reason.
If you're wondering what the buzz is about, allow us to catch you up: The Kardashians star posted a few pics of herself hanging out by the pool to Instagram on Aug. 16. Following Kim's upload, in a video that has since gone viral, a TikToker accused her of photoshopping the muscle area between her neck and shoulders.
In her clip, TikTok user @caroline_in_thecity showed the results of using a reverse-photoshop method on one of Kim's photos to highlight a possible difference between the photo posted and another without any photoshop. Shortly after the TikTok video was shared, fans took to social media to weigh in on the suggestion.
"The way I've never thought of this," one user commented. Another added, "I can't unsee it once I saw it but I did not see it before." A third chimed in, "Not that big of a deal honestly."

Kim Kardashian Bikini Pics

Although Kim hasn't publicly addressed the latest chatter around her recent photos just yet, this isn't the first time the SKIMS founder has been accused of photoshop. In April, Kim addressed photo speculation directly after being accused of editing out her belly button in one picture. "Come on guys…Seriously!" she wrote on her Instagram Stories April 26. "This is so dumb! Claiming I photoshopped out my belly button????"

The following day, Kim also addressed rumors she edited her then-boyfriend Pete Davidson's jawline in a photo from their date night taken in early April. "I didn't realize how much you guys were going to enjoy my Photoshop post," Kim wrote on her Instagram Story on April 27. "If you thought that was good I have so much more... This is fun."
Alongside the pic of the two from their night out, she added, "Hmmm...I guess Pete's jawline is snatched! Snatched to the point u guys thought I photoshopped it!!! One pic he's laughing in mid convo! Wait I did add a grainy filter tho."
But that's not all. In a follow-up video, Kim shared a clip of Pete kissing her on the lips, writing, "How do you photoshop a live photo? Asking for a friend."

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