Taylor Swift Approves of This Theory About Her 10 Albums

Taylor Swift is giving fans a thumbs up about a popular theory surrounding a music video following the announcement of her 10th studio album, Midnights.

By Angie Orellana Hernandez Aug 31, 2022 3:02 AMTags
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Swifties have checked all of the blank spaces on a popular fan theory. 

Now, fans are receiving approval from Taylor Swift surrounding one theory about the Lover house— a home seen in the singer's music video for the 2019 song. In the video, Taylor and her partner are inside a snow globe which contains a house of nine rooms and a surrounding forest covered in snow. The couple are seen dancing in the multiple rooms all styled and colored in different ways, ranging from a green living room to a dimly lit attic.

Eagle-eyed fans put together a theory that each section of the house corresponded with an album from the "Love Story" singer's discography—and Taylor gave them a thumbs up by liking a TikTok saying that the house was now complete following the announcement of her next album Midnights.

In the photo, fans matched the living room with the self-titled album Taylor Swift, a blue dining room with Speak Now, a yellow game room with Fearless, a staircase with folklore and a red entertainment space with Red, of course. The upper half of the house has a turquoise bathroom paired with 1989, a closet with evermore, a pink bedroom with Lover and the attic with reputation.

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To top it off, Midnights, Taylor's 10th studio album coming out Oct. 21, is paired with the starry night outside the house.

That means, according to the video Taylor liked, that the Lover house is now complete. As the user @thethrifyswifie said, "This makes me cry happy tears."

Each room has a potential meaning for why it's associated with its corresponding album. For example, Midnights could be the backdrop given the blue hues of the night which match the album's cover art as well as the nocturnal album theme. The pink bedroom could be Lover because of the romantic moments Taylor and her partner share within the space, which resonates with the album's theme of close relationships.

Taylor Swift/YouTube

While Taylor has not directly confirmed it herself, we'll assume the queen of easter eggs is giving fans a wink that they know all too well about her clues.

She also continued the mischief by liking another TikTok about a person who may have had earlier access to Midnights—"All Too Well (10-minute Version)" short film star Dylan O'Brien.

"There's no one I trust less with this Midnights release than Dylan O'Brien," a user says in the video. "You cannot tell me this man has not heard the album in full."

"This is the face of the man who is in the Google Calendar for the release schedule," the user continues, displaying by photos of Dylan at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. "These are the dance moves of a man that has bopped to songs we do not know about yet."

If the TikTok is correct, then Dylan has jumped the line from the rest of the Swifties who will have to wait until Oct. 21 to hear Midnights.

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