Joe Jonas Created the Game-Winning Drink of the Fall

Whether you're tailgating or hosting a dinner party, you'll be a "Sucker" for the cocktail Joe Jonas created with Tanqueray.

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Joe Jonas TanquerayCourtesy of Tanqueray

We interviewed Joe Jonas because we think you'll like his picks at these prices. Joe is a paid spokesperson for Tanqueray. Some of the products featured are from Joe's brand Rob's Popcorn. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

Happiness Begins with the perfect cocktail. Just ask Joe Jonas, who teamed up with Tanqueray to create his own beverage just in time for the fall, the fittingly-named Cup of Joe. The singer told E!, "I've been a fan of Tanqueray for many years. Spending a lot of time in the UK, it's definitely something that I like to drink, my gin and tonics. When the concept came forward for me to actually make my own cocktail, it was a dream come true." 

Joe shared his Tanqueray cocktail recipe along with his must-haves for hosting a fall event, including snacks, drinking games, and, of course, some great music. 

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E!: Tell me about teaming up with Tanqueray and creating your own drink.
JJ: I'm a coffee lover and I have a couple cups a day. This is our version of an espresso martini. We did some really fun concepts and we ended up with this delicious cocktail. I think it's really easy to drink and it gives you a caffeine boost that you might need as well.

E!: What vibe or scenario do you picture with this drink? What event are we at with this drink?
JJ: It's the perfect drink to start out your night out. If you're at home and you want to have a nice classy cocktail or you're having a dinner party, I think it would it definitely impress your friends. It's delicious, it's refreshing, and I think it's great to start out the night with caffeine. 

E!: My first thought when I saw the recipe was tailgating. I'm not sure if you're a tailgating person, but I just picture this being a great drink to start out a long football day.
JJ: You're preaching to the choir. I'm eagerly waiting for football to come back.

Joe Jonas' Cup of Joe Recipe


Garnish: Mint Bouquet

Glassware: Highball Glass

Method: Put all ingredients minus tonic water into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into an ice-filled highball glass. Top with tonic water and garnish with a mint bouquet.

Tanqueray London Dry Gin

"We had a blast making this drink. Tanqueray is great for a cocktail and a great time with friends."

Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

"I've tried a few coffee liqueurs and this one is a favorite." 

Chameleon Organic Cold Brew Concentrate Black Coffee

"We used a great cold brew concentrate for this cocktail. It's an organic cold brew concentrate from Chameleon."

Paksh Novelty Italian Highball Glasses- Set of 6

"It's a great cocktail served in a highball glass."

This set includes six glasses and it has 4,900+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Schweppes Tonic Water, 10 Fl Oz (Pack of 6)

Don't forget the tonic water

WPHUAW Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

Combine all of the ingredients with a cocktail shaker. This three-piece set has 1,900+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Joe Jonas' Fall Snack Pick

Rob's Backstage Popcorn

"I have to keep it in the family and suggest Rob's Popcorn, which I launched with my brothers and our good Greg [Garbowsky] and his dad Rob [Garbowsky]. The popcorn is fantastic. It really is delicious. I would say it's the perfect blend of sweet and savory, which would pair really well with this cocktail."

Joe Jonas' Game Picks

Mafia the Party Game Deluxe Edition– Game of Lying, Bluffing and Deceit, 84 Playing Cards, 47 different Roles

"The game Mafia is a one of our favorites. We like to play that one quite a bit."

Linkee Nick Jonas Edition: Family Quiz Board Game

"I have to include Linkee too. My younger brother Nick [Jonas] is actually an ambassador for the game."

Bicycle Standard Jumbo Playing Cards

"You can't go wrong with a deck of cards."

These jumbo cards have 16,400+ 5-star Amazon reviews.


The Skin Deep Card Game {The And} Long Term Couples Edition, 199 Meaningful Questions for Reconnecting With Your Significant Other

"We love these questionnaire games if you're having more of a classy night. I love {The And} games. There are a lot of great questions and there are packs for couples where you can get a little bit deeper than a first date question. I find those to be really interesting conversation starters."

Post Malone World Pong League Beer Pong Drinking Game

"If you've got room for table and cups, I'm always a fan of beer pong.  If you want to make it classy, you can make a version of this with Tanqueray, probably not with shots though. You can fill the cups up with water and have your cocktail on the side."

Joe Jonas' Bluetooth Speaker Pick

JBL Clip 3 Waterproof, Durable & Portable Bluetooth Speaker

"It's a really good speaker. It's the one I recommend for any party. It has a clip, so you can put it on your backpack as well if you're going on a trip and don't want to just carry it. It's great if you're going on a boat too. Water resistance is definitely the key. You can actually put this in the pool with you. It's water-resistant."

This speaker comes in 11 colors and it has 50,800+ 5-star Amazon reviews. This is also an E! Shopping Editor favorite.

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