Danny DeVito Shares How He Really Feels About Colin Farrell’s Penguin

Danny DeVito, who played Penguin in 1992's Batman Returns, was asked to compare his performance to Colin Farrell's in 2022's The Batman. Find out his honest answer here.

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Danny DeVito dropped a brrrr-utally honest take on Colin Farrell's Penguin performance.

When Vanity Fair hooked DeVito up to a lie detector and had his own daughter Lucy DeVito ask him some very pointed questions about the Batman cinematic universe, the legendary actor, who played Penguin in 1992's Batman Returns, couldn't help but speak his truth!

"What about this Penguin?" Lucy asked, while sliding over a photo of Farrell, who played Penguin in 2022's The Batman.

"I love Colin. He's a terrific guy," Danny said. "My Penguin was better."

Danny then chuckled and asked the test administrator, "Was I telling the truth?," to which she responded, "You were telling the truth."

While the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star certainly meant what he said, he lessened the blow by saying, "Good man, though. Colin's a good guy."

If it makes Colin feel any better, Danny didn't exactly have kind words for any actors outside of Batman Returns.

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When Lucy slid over a photo of Michael Keaton, who played Batman in Batman Returns, and asked, "Do you think this Batman is better than…," she couldn't even finish the question before Danny answered.

"This is my favorite," Danny blurted out. "This is Michael Keaton. He was the Batman when I was the Penguin."

Lucy had other headshots to show her father and asked, "So we shouldn't even show the other Batmen? You don't even want to look at their faces."

"This is the Batman for me," Danny ultimately said. 

Hey, sometimes the truth stings!

Snap/Shutterstock; Jamie Hawkesworth / DC Comics

Colin is set to reprise his role as Penguin in a series for HBO Max, tentatively titled The Penguin

From executive producer Matt Reeves, who directed Colin in The Batman, the series is expected to further explore the backstory of the Penguin and his influence over Gotham.

We'll assume Danny's not adding it to his DVR.

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