Jonathan Van Ness Shares Relatable Weight Loss Advice After Shedding 35 Pounds

Jonathan Van Ness showed off their new body transformation on TikTok, telling their followers, "It took three weeks before I saw any change."

By Alyssa Morin Aug 26, 2022 9:52 PMTags
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Jonathan Van Ness has gotten a makeover, honey! 

The Queer Eye star, who is known for helping others become the best version of themselves on the Netflix series, revealed that they've lost 35 pounds since embarking on their health journey four months ago.

"I got a nutritionist back in April. I've lost 35 lbs," they shared in an Aug. 25 TikTok, showing off their body transformation. "Here's the thing, I wanted to change my body size because of my gymnastics and my career."

While the reality TV personality noted they were "hot as f--k" before losing weight, they explained that their body was in pain.

"I got a nutritionist because I wanted to do more gymnastics," Jonathan put it simply. "I wanted to do more stuff, I wanted to feel better."

Although Jonathan celebrated their weight loss results, they offered relatable advice to their followers and noted how these changes don't happen overnight.

Stars Who Gained or Lost Weight for Roles

"It took three weeks before I saw any change," the Love That Story author admitted. "So, if you're wanting to make a change, literally three weeks of working out and eating differently before I saw any change, that was from April to May."


Talking about weight / eating here if you don’t want to hear bout it this video isnt for you ?? Changes take time ?? love you!

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The JVN haircare founder encouraged their fans to stay positive throughout their own personal journeys. 

"If you're thinking about it or you're getting super frustrated, it took me three weeks for anything to change and now I've lost 35 pounds," they reiterated, adding, "So, now I'm a slut."

Jonathan's message seemed to resonate with others, as one follower commented, "Honestly 100% what I needed to hear today."

Another person responded, "I needed that! Thank you for saying it because it's so true it takes time and consistency even if there are no results."

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Over the years, Jonathan has been open about their body image issues

"The thing that was really driving it more than that was my desire to be loved and accepted by men, so I thought I needed to be skinnier and like lose weight," they told former Allure editor-in-chief Michelle Lee on The Allure podcast in 2019. "What really has changed the most is that I'm aware of the unrealistic beauty expectations that are forced down our throats."

They added, "It's realizing that this system doesn't fit me. It's not that I don't fit the system. I don't see the system like that."

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