This Preview for the American Ninja Warrior Finals Will Leave You Hanging for More

Making it through to Stage Three of the American Ninja Warrior National Finals, competitor Josh Levin lays it all on the line in this exclusive sneak peek.

By Paige Strout Aug 26, 2022 4:08 PMTags

No matter how much athletic experience you have, nothing can prepare you for the American Ninja Warrior stage.

Having made his way to the NBC series' Stage Three of competition, competitor Josh Levin's skills are put to the test in this nail-biting exclusive sneak peek at the American Ninja Warrior National Finals, which airs Aug. 29.

Unlike other courses, there is no time limit to Stage Three, so Levin takes it slow as he begins on the Patriot Pass obstacle, which requires one to grab onto different lengths of rope (not to mention, they also move).

Not only does Levin's athletic experience as a competitive rock climber lends itself to the competition, but his degree in engineering from MIT gives him an extra advantage in plotting out his moves on the course, as noted by co-host Matt Iseman.

After having some trouble on the Stalactites, Levin quickly regroups and makes his way through the Chop It Up obstacle, despite a few bumps.

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Luckily, the next hurdle, the Ultimate Cliffhanger, plays to his rock-climbing strengths. Noting that Levin was once an Olympic hopeful for climbing, Iseman jokes, "Well, when your Olympic dreams don't work out, this is a nice fallback plan."

Making his way to the Pipe Dream poles and the tricky Eyeglass Alley, Levin takes a break and waves to Iseman and co-host Akbar Gbajabiamila up in their booth before he makes his next move.

Will Levin make it to the Stage Three buzzer? Tune in to find out and check out the full clip above.

American Ninja Warrior, including the National Finals, airs Monday, Aug. 29, at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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