How Jake Miller's 8 Tattoos Tour Is Leaving a Permanent Impression on Fans

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass series, Jake Miller explained how he’s staying true to himself and creating a “happy place” for fans on his latest tour.

By Mike Vulpo Aug 26, 2022 1:00 PMTags
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While many artists have been away, Jake Miller has been ready to play.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the musician said goodbye to Los Angeles and moved back into his parents' house in Florida. But instead of lounging by the pool all day, the 29-year-old continued doing what he loves most: Writing, recording music and preparing for the next chapter of his career.

"Those 'quarantunes' were just the most fun thing ever," Jake exclusively shared with E! News when recalling his viral videos. "They were inspired by my sister. She told me the second I got home that I need to get a TikTok and I thought, ‘How can I mix making music with making TikToks' and we made these little fun little songs."

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

Within a matter of months, Jake had hit almost 700,000 followers on the app. And now, he's hitting the road on his nationwide 8 Tattoos tour.

Matt Cull

"I hear people say, ‘Your concerts are my happy place,'" Jake said. "It's an hour and a half where you can just shut the world off and just be surrounded by other people who just want to do the same. I think from the beginning of my career, I just preached how important it is to just be yourself and be a good person and I think my fans are the same way."

That authenticity has continued to win over old and new followers as he continues releasing new music. On Aug. 12, Jake unveiled an original song titled "Keep Her." And this time, the single's accompanying music video starred his girlfriend Brandi Burrows as his adventurous (and essential) plus one. 

"To me, from the beginning, every song goes hand in hand with a video," he said. "Videos are definitely really important to me. The reason that I started making music was because I was so in love with Mac Miller. Not only was he putting out amazing music, but him and his friends independently were running around Pittsburgh making the coolest, most fun music videos. It was just inspiring."

Matt Cull

In between his latest tour stops, Jake took a pause on writing and creating to tell E! News all the behind-the-scenes secrets into his latest projects.

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Let's Go

Throughout August and September, Jake Miller will be hitting the road for his 8 Tattoos tour. 

Get Inked

During the tour, fans have been getting new tattoos to commemorate the show. "Watching you guys get my handwritten lyrics tattooed on this tour has been one of the coolest experiences throughout my entire career," Jake wrote on Instagram. "People always show me their lyric tats but it hits so much different when I'm sitting right next to you and watching it happen." 

Family Rules

While attending one of Jake's shows, you may just spot his family showing their support. "It's our shortest tour in a long time, so I know it's gonna be done before I blink," Jake said. "I'm kind of upset about it, but I gotta soak it all in."

Fashion Matters

Don't underestimate Jake's eye for fashion. "I am my own stylist. I'm definitely into fashion," he said. "I want to look good when I'm out in public and on stage." The 29-year-old said he loves shopping at Zara and is feeling one certain style of clothing at the moment. "I'm really into these collared shirts that are T-shirts that have like a little zipper," he said. "I feel like I just bought 10 of them and they're all I'm wearing right now."

Hop on Board

With 10 guys on one tour bus, Jake said it's hard to keep things spotless. "Personal space is not a thing when you're on tour," he joked. "Showers some nights are not a thing. Laundry some nights are not a thing. You just do whatever is natural and whatever you can in the moment." 


"Normally, 30 minutes before the show starts, we are on the tour bus, which is parked right outside," Jake said. "We have Drake playing loud in the bus. We have our Walmart dumbbells that we're cranking. Maybe a shot of Jameson." 

Making Memories

"One of my favorite parts of tour, actually, are on the off days where we'll all go out to a big dinner," Jake said. "Sometimes it's a hibachi dinner or Buffalo Wild Wings." Or maybe, it's a night at the local bowling alley. 

Living the Dream

When asked to share his best piece of advice to dreamers, Jake thought everyone should "stay true" to themselves. "Do what you want to do and don't really listen to anybody else," he said. "I followed my gut and I listened to myself, and it was the right move at the time. If you have a dream like that, even if everyone's looking at you like you have two heads, just go for it." 


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