Julia Fox Assures Her Son Isn't in a "Labor Camp" After Sharing Her Thoughts on Kids Needing Life Skills

Julia Fox defended her stance on teaching her 19-month-old son trade and life skills after saying that childhood was "invented as a way to get parents to spend a lot of money on s--t."

By Gabrielle Chung Aug 25, 2022 10:13 PMTags
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Julia Fox's recent parenting advice isn't cutting it with some people.

In the one-minute clip TikTok, the Uncut Gems actress shared that her 19-month-old son Valentino, who she shares with ex Peter Artemiev, "doesn't care for his toys" but is rather "more interested" in what adults are doing.

Childhood was "invented as a way to get parents to spend a lot of money on s--t," said Julia, who explained that kids were treated as "little adults" before the 18th century.

"I suggest everyone buy their kid a little mini mop, a mini broom and start teaching them those life skills really young," she continued, "so that when they enter the real world, they don't have to outsource for everything and they know how to do things for themselves."

Though social media users including Chantel Jeffries and fellow mom Emily Ratajkowski showed their support, some didn't agree with the idea of young children doing chores. As one commenter pointed out, "i prefer to let my kids have the opportunity to not have to worry about adult life. just enjoy living in the moment and not moping [sic] and sweeping lol."

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The mixed response prompted Julia to make another video in which she defended her stance. "You guys are really acting like I said that kids should be working. That's not what I said," she contended. "I said that kids need to learn skills."

Arguing that many schools "don't teach kids trades or any marketable skills," the 32-yer-old added that she won't allow her son to grow up and "expect that women are just gonna clean up after him and do everything for him."

"I saw that my whole life," Julia explained, "and that stops with me."

The following day, Julia poked fun at her critics in another video—this time featuring her son. While laying in a bed with Valentino, she asked him, "Do you work in a labor camp?" 

Valentino then buried his face in his mom's lap, prompting Julia to say, "The answer is no."

And it seems Julia takes her role as a parent very seriously. Earlier this year, a source told E! News that the actress considers herself "a mom first" and ended her whirlwind romance with Kanye West because "her family and work obligations are in New York."

"Ye did express he wanted her in Los Angeles," the insider noted, "but she couldn't take that on."

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