Vivica A. Fox Shares Details on the Run-In With Kenya Moore That Ended Their Years-Long Feud

After butting heads on The Celebrity Apprentice, Vivica A. Fox and Kenya Moore remained at odds for years. Now, all is forgiven—hear Vivica explain how they were able to sort out their issues.

By Spencer Lubitz, Allison Crist Aug 24, 2022 7:55 PMTags
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Vivica A. Fox and Kenya Moore are finally on good terms—but achieving peace wasn't easy. 

As Fox exclusively told E! News on Aug. 23, "It's been a long time coming. It was a 10 year beef."

The two first clashed while competing on season 14 of The Celebrity Apprentice in 2014, but even when the show wrapped, they continued to trade verbal blows from afar. As recently as 2020, Fox still wasn't ready to forgive and forget, saying "F--k that bitch" when asked on her Cocktails with Queens podcast about the mere possibility of a reconciliation with The Real Housewives of Atlanta star. 

Thankfully, all of that changed when the two ran into each other one fateful day at Crustacean in Beverly Hills. "She wanted to apologize, but privately," Fox said. Six months later, Moore appeared on Fox's podcast, where they publicly revealed they had made up. "

"I just wasn't ready at first, and then I ran into her, and honestly, it was her little girl, her little energy," Fox said of Moore's 3-year-old daughter, Brooklyn. "She just came over to me and she was so gorgeous. And we just got up and hugged each other, and it was like 'Girl, let's just move on.'"

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Fox called the moment "beautiful," adding that she and Moore have remained "in a good space" ever since.

Does that mean Real Housewives fans can expect to see her pop up on RHOA? Not necessarily—and despite living in Los Angeles, she's definitely not down to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, either. "I've been asked for years—even Andy [Cohen] is always asking," Fox told E! News. "I'm like, 'Nuh-uh, my temper is too bad.' You know what I mean? I'm just not a mean girl."

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Lucky for her fans, Fox is set to appear in a few other upcoming projects. 

"I actually am taking off next Sunday to do A Diva's Christmas Carol that's executive produced by Idris Elba and starring Ashanti," Fox revealed. "I'm playing the Fairy Godmother of truth."

After that, the actress is headed to London to host Discovery's Secrets of Interrogation.  

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