Why Whitney Dillon and Mariel Swan's Friendship Is a Big Win for Reality TV

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Austin Dillon’s Life in the Fast Lane stars Whitney Dillon and Mariel Swan shared advice for building long-lasting relationships with your girlfriends.

By Mike Vulpo Aug 25, 2022 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Whitney Dillon & Mariel Swan Talk Reality TV Friendship

When signing up for reality TV, it's hard to race away from the drama.

But when Whitney Dillon and best friend Mariel Swan agreed to participate in USA Network's latest series Life in the Fast Lane, both ladies wanted to showcase a bond not always seen in unscripted shows. Instead of scenes filled with fighting, feuds or a ‘f--k you,' these ladies turned the focus on faith, family and fun. 

"We just love each other," Whitney exclusively shared with E! News. "It's just so natural. She has my back. I have her back."

Best friends since college, Whitney, 32, and Mariel, 31, were both Tennessee Titans cheerleaders before meeting their respective husbands, NASCAR driver Austin Dillon, 32, and lead tire carrier Paul Swan, 32. Now, as they journey through the next phases in their lives, the two are proving life isn't a competition—at least off the racetrack. 

"We're turning that mindset and switching it over to know not everybody is your competition and that you can cheer for other people," Whitney explained. "And when they win, you win. This is my sister and when she's winning, I'm winning."

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Although Life in the Fast Lane may have first grabbed the attention of NASCAR fans thanks to Austin's prominence in the series, it's his wife and her longtime bestie who have provided countless laugh-out-loud worthy moments.


As season one comes to an end Aug. 25 with the airing of Mariel's baby shower and arrival of her first baby, the new mom and Whitney are hopeful they showcased a new kind of friendship on TV.

"Me and Mariel always said that our friendship was going to change the world," Whitney shared with E! News. "We're not complete without the other."

Regardless of whether a season two is in their future, both ladies have no doubt that they will be in each other's lives for many years to come. After all, both parties agree that it's important to push through any curveballs life brings into relationships.


"I would say first thing first is keep God first," Mariel said when sharing her secrets to a lasting friendship. "Make love the center…If you're going through an issue or you're going through a problem, push past it because we're all human. We're all working through things. Everybody's flawed. Giving each other grace and being there for one another when they need you most, that's what builds a friendship."

She added, "It's not being perfect all the time. It's knowing I see you at your rawest. I love you and I made that commitment to be here in the long run and that's what friendship is all about."

Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast Line airs Thursday nights at 9:30 p.m. on USA Network.

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