Vampire Academy Fans, Prepare to Swoon Over The White Lotus Actor Playing Adrian

While the character doesn't make his debut until later in the book series, Peacock's Vampire Academy is introducing Adrian early and E! News is exclusively revealing the actor playing him.

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A bad boy is entering St. Vladimir's Academy.

While Adrian Ishkov doesn't make his debut until the second book in Richelle Mead's popular Vampire Academy series, Peacock's highly anticipated adaption isn't making fans wait that long for the fan-favorite's arrival. Leo Woodall is set to play Adrian, E! News can exclusively report, and will first appear in episode six of the show, which premieres Sept. 15.

Aside from, you know, not offending our eyeballs, Woodall is set to have quite the year; The English actor has joined the cast of second season of HBO's The White Lotus and will star in Netflix UK's One Day, based on David Nicholls' bestselling novel.

But what can Vampire Academy fans expect from his version of Adrian? 

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The royal Moroi son of Nathan and Daniella Ivashkov, Adrian is "a charming, devastatingly good looking, and fun loving bad boy," per Peacock's description, "with a penchant for art collecting, throwing ragers, and drinking too much…a flaw less to do with addiction than a battle to medicate an inner darkness he tries to hide."


Photo provided by Leo Woodall

It seems like even supernatural beings can't resist a bad boy. In the books, Adrian becomes a love interest for Rose (Sisi Stringer) and eventually becomes a central figure in Mead's spin-off series, Bloodlines.

Showrunners Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre exclusively told E! News last month at Comic-Con that Adrian would be making an early appearance in the series and Plec previewed his arrival by referring to his signature line from the books, saying, "You might hear the phrase 'Hello, little dhampir.'"

Consider us officially teased.

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Oh, and as another little treat (or eight) for Vampire Academy lovers, E! News can also exclusively reveal eight other guest stars that will appear throughout the show's 10-episode season. Check out their roles: 

Adam Quintero

Where You've Seen Him Before: Balenciaga, Alma
Role: Peter Tarus
Character Description: A prominent member of the moderate faction of the Royal Council, Peter is "someone who tends to blow with the political winds," per Peacock's description. But when the future of the Dominion is at stake, he will finally have to choose a side.

Amanda Drew

Where You've Seen Her Before: A Very British Scandal, Black Mirror
Role: Diane
Character Description: Diane is a human Feeder, a person who willingly allows vampires to feed on them for the high it brings. She's also one of the few people that Christian, an outsider, can open up to. Though finding the life of a Feeder an improvement over the Human world, Diane has bigger dreams.

Craig Stevenson

Where You've Seen Him Before: The Machinist, Goya's Ghosts
Role: Dane Zeklos
Character Description: A powerful member of the Royal Council who can barely hide his disdain for his underachieving son, Jesse. But when he sees a chance to burnish the family name with a new alliance, he doesn't hesitate to force his son to play along with his ambitious plans.

Javier Ramos

Where You've Seen Him Before: Arcangel, Monica Chef
Role: Dean
Character Description: A Dhampir Novice (also known as a Guardian in training), Dean is one of the elites who excels in the Benchmark Tests, proving himself a strong member of this young corps under surprisingly dangerous conditions.

Jazzy De Lisser

Where You've Seen Her Before: Game of Thrones, Hilma
Role: Sasha Tanner
Character Description: Stubborn and prickly, Sasha is still one of the best Dhampir Guardians in the Dominion. However, embittered by the death of a loved one, Sasha's anger and grief take a revolutionary turn.

Max Parker

Where You've Seen Him Before: Cobra, World on Fire
Role: Mikhail
Character Description: A close friend to Rose as well as an accomplished Guardian, he encourages her to modulate her fiery rebellious side for her own good—even as he fails to modulate his own attraction to the Moroi, Sonya, as he kindles an unlikely romance into a deep first love for them both.

Blake Patrick Anderson

Where You've Seen Him Before: AIDS: The Unheard Tapes
Role: Eddie
Character Description: "Though he takes his training and position as a Dhampir Novice seriously and is one of the elite team that excels in the Benchmark tests," Peacock teased, "Eddie is also quick to make a joke and even offer romantic advice to Rose."

Yael Belicha

Where You've Seen Her Before: The Good Boss
Role: Marie Carter
Character Description: "A sharp-tongued, conservative and powerful member of the Royal Council who often goes toe to toe with Victor," the streamer previewed. "A wily political operator, Marie puts the Moroi first, and is keen on making sure the Dominion is in the hands of leadership that honors traditional values."

Leo Woodall

Where You've Seen Him Before: Cherry so far, but Woodall is set to star in the second season of HBO's The White Lotus and will lead Netflix's One Day adaptation.
Who He's Playing: Adrian Ivashkov
Character Description: A fan favorite from the novels, Adrian is a Royal Moroi who is a "charming, devastatingly good-looking, and fun-loving bad boy," Peacock shared. "He has a penchant for collecting art, throwing ragers, and drinking too much…a flaw less to do with addiction than a battle to medicate an inner darkness he tries to hide."

Vampire Academy premieres Sept. 15 on Peacock.

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