Keke Palmer Reveals the Unexpected Quality She Loves About Being a Virgo

While Keke Palmer told E! News that "a Virgo has a lot of qualities," she picked the one trait that she loves about the Earth sign.

By Alyssa Morin, Alex Ross Aug 22, 2022 10:00 AMTags

Keke Palmer is opening up about her Virgo Tendencies.

The Nope actress, who will celebrate her 29th birthday on Aug. 26, revealed her favorite quality about her zodiac sign in an exclusive interview with E! News. While Keke's answer was totally unexpected, the timing of the conversation couldn't have been more perfect now that Virgo season has officially kicked off. 

"You know, a Virgo has a lot of qualities," Keke first pointed out. "I would say perfectionist, but that also can be a pain in the behind. So, I'll say that my favorite Virgo quality is my ability to let things go."

She continued, "Virgos, we can love really hard and we can be like oh my gosh, but as soon as things go wrong, we definitely cut it off and move forward. I really love that because it saves us so much heartache and time."

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However, there's one thing Keke isn't letting go of just yet. The actress took a moment to praise a fellow Virgo Beyoncé for her music.

In recent weeks, Keke has displayed her love for Bey's new Renaissance album on social media, specifically swooning over the track, "Alien Superstar."

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"That song is too good," Keke gushed. "We already know that Beyoncé is empowering. But she does it in a very undercut way. You don't always know how much she's really trying to give you—the life that you deserve and you need."

Decoding the lyrics, Keke noted that the song makes you stop in your tracks. For her, it's the line: "Fire beneath your feet / Music when you speak / You are so unique," adding, "For me, that's when s--t goes haywire."

"She's been telling you, you are so unique. Everything that she's saying to herself, she's reminding you and puts an exclamation point mark on the end where she's letting you know," Keke explained. "We needed this renaissance!"

Similar to Beyoncé, Keke has navigated the music industry with chart-topping hits.

Jeff Kravitz/MTV VMAs 2020/Getty Images for MTV

In 2020, Keke dropped "Virgo Tendencies" and earlier this year, she re-released "Bottoms Up 2.0." 

"With 'Virgo Tendencies,' I was expressing a lot of the different moods that I was experiencing," she shared. "From being really introspective to being I got to get out of here, I got to live and I got to try to find some way to mentally escape."

The Lightyear actress added, "With 'Bottoms Up 2.0,' it's about exploring the past, how it served me, the difficulties that I encountered through it and still standing in my own."

"I'm just gonna step into my big bossness and let that live," she said about her musical evolution. "That's been the big journey for me, and so a lot of my music is representative of me not being afraid of that."

Spoken like a true Virgo!

Speaking of music, Keke recently partnered with McCormick to announce the America's Got Tacos song contest, which calls on taco lovers to create an original jingle for a chance to win $50,000. You can learn more about the partnership HERE.