An Ode to Chris Evans' Cutest Moments With His Rescue Dog Dodger

Chris Evans adopted his rescue dog, Dodger, seven years ago and has been sharing their love on social media ever since. Look back on their most adorable moments.

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A dog may be a man's best friend, but we think Dodger may just be the love of Chris Evans' life.

While the Captain America star has dated his fair share of celebrities over the years—and he's currently going strong with Alba Baptista—it's clear his beloved pet has been the top priority since he adopted Dodger.

And anyone he romances must love Dodger as much as they love the actor.

"Look, not everyone likes dogs," he previously told E! News. "That's okay. But to not be charmed by him in the least might say something." (Don't worry: Baptista has won over the pup's heart.)

Evans and Dodger have created a love story that has captured the attention and tugged on the heartstrings of social media, thanks to the adorable photos and videos the 42-year-old has shared since he rescued Dodger while filming one of his movies in 2016.

Chris Evans Through the Years

From matching outfits to their cozy Saturday nights spent in, the Lightyear star and Dodger's bond is stronger than Steve Rogers after getting the super-soldier serum.

So, if your heart can handle it, look back on Evans and Dodger's cutest moments. Warning: You may just find your eyes watering...

On National Dog Rescue Day in 2021, Chris Evans shared a sweet video of the very first time he set his eyes on his beloved dog back in 2016. At the time, Evans was filming the movie Gifted and was not planning on becoming a dog dad, but fate had other plans. 

"I was filming a movie in Savannah and the scene took place at a shelter," Evans wrote. "I had no intention of rescuing a dog that day, but the minute I saw him I knew he was coming home w me." 

He added, "There are so many loving animals at shelters who are in desperate need of a home. Visit a shelter and leave with a best friend."

During their separation while Evans was filming a movie, the actor counted down the days on social media until he would be reunited with Dodger. And in September 2017, he shared the heartwarming video of their reunion, which featured a lot of puppy kisses and cuddling.

"After 10 long weeks," Evans captioned the Twitter video that quickly went viral. 

Like father, like son. 

Evans was able to turn a wardrobe malfunction on the set of Netflix's The Gray Man into a twinning moment for him and Dodger.

"While filming #thegrayman the wardrobe department accidentally shrunk one of Lloyd's shirts," Evans wrote on Instagram. "I obviously kept it for one reason." Of course, it was to give to Dodger, who is seen in the photo rocking the shrunken down version of the blue collared shirt Evans' villainous character wears in the film. 

For Christmas in 2019, Evans gifted Dodger with the ultimate gift: The iconic cream cable knit sweater his character wore in Knives Out. Someone call J.Crew because they need to hire Dodger to model for their next catalog ASAP. 

Spooky season doesn't seem to be Dodger's favorite as he was less than impressed with the costume the Knives Out alum put him in for Halloween in 2020. 

"Happy Halloween!!" Evans captioned an Instagram snap of Dodger dressed as a lion. "(He hated every second of it)."

In November 2021, Evans shared what may just be the cutest doggone selfie we've ever seen when he posted a side by side photo with Dodger. Determined to up the aww-factor, the actor captioned the pic, "Twins."

Talk about the ultimate puppy play date!

In November 2020, Evans and Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Aly Raisman got together to stage a meet-cute between their rescue dogs, Dodger and Mylo.

Raisman posted videos of the hangout on Twitter, and Evans can be heard telling the pups, "Be gentle, be gentle." Laughing, he then asked Dodger, "You got a new buddy?"

Both stars then shared a video of Evans cuddling and kissing Raisman's puppy, as John Parr's 1985 song "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)" played in the background. Raisman tweeted, "Best buds @ChrisEvans." 

Ever wonder what Evans does on a Saturday night? Well, he answered that mystery in August 2021 when he shared a video of what happened when he bought a touch pad for Dodger.

"After a couple days of training he began connecting the dots," Evans wrote on Instagram. "This video is from a couple days ago when he was just starting to understand that the buttons are buttons. He's already made so much progress and I laugh out loud every time I hear him press one. I thought ‘treat' would be the most used. Turns out it's 'play' and I f--king love that about him."

He then added, "(This is what I do on a Saturday night)." And we f--king love that about him. 

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