John Legend Reveals Which of His Kids Takes After His Musical Talents

By Paige Strout Aug 17, 2022 7:44 PMTags

Looks like the Legend family household is full of legendary talent.

Grammy-winning artist John Legend revealed that his 6-year-old daughter Luna shares his love of singing exclusively with E! News' Daily Pop. He and his wife Chrissy Teigen—who are currently expecting another baby—also share 4-year-old son Miles.

"She loves to sing," Legend said of Luna's musical talents. "When songs are playing in the car, she sings along with everything. And she has pitch, she hits the notes."

But just because she shares her dad's musical talents doesn't mean she plans to follow in his entertainment footsteps. "I'm not sure if she really wants to sing," the 43-year-old shared. "She's at that place where I'm like, 'Okay. You're hitting the notes, and with some work and some training, we'll see.'"

While he won't be giving his daughter singing lessons anytime soon, Legend is returning as a coach on the new season of The Voice—which premieres September 19—to help a new group of music industry hopefuls get their big break. And this season, the "All of Me" singer is getting some help from his new advisor, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jazmine Sullivan.

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"I'm just so excited that she's here to just share her journey with our audience," Legend told Daily Pop, "because so many of them look up to her."

When it comes to this season's competition, it's first-time coach Camila Cabello that he has to look out for. Legend, who recommended Cabello join the series after she did such a great job as his former advisor, told Daily Pop he now regrets doing so, joking. "I was like, 'Uh oh, I'm in trouble. I gave myself some more competition, and she's really good at this.'"


"She's very competitive," he continued. "She's learned that it's important to get the last word in, and she makes sure she gets the last word as much as possible, and it frustrates me."

Luckily, Cabello is the only co-star Legend is worried about, as he said that having Gwen Stefani back as a coach has made her husband, longtime coach Blake Shelton, let down his guard.

"He's gone soft on us," the star joked. "I think when Gwen's here, it takes a little of his edge off, and you can tell. He's like losing country singers now. His competitive fire is—he's a little bit de-fanged by Gwen being here."

Hear Legend gush more about his new advisor Sullivan in the full interview above.

The Voice season 22 premieres Monday, September 19, at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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