Michael Jackson's Death Still Not Being Treated as Homicide

Both the Los Angeles District Attorney's office and the LAPD are sticking to their claims that the investigation is simply ongoing and has not yet been declared criminal

By Ken Baker, Whitney English, Breanne L. Heldman Jul 15, 2009 4:35 PMTags
Michael JacksonEbet Roberts/Getty Images

The investigation into Michael Jackson's death marches on, and with it, so do the rumors.

Despite several reports, the quest for answers has not turned into a homicide investigation.

"Nothing has changed," Los Angeles District Attorney's office spokeswoman Jane Robinson tells E! News. "It's still an ongoing investigation."

Likewise, the LAPD echoes that statement, simply saying the investigation continues.

Neither party is throwing the words criminal or homicide around, although the LAPD and the district attorney's office have spoken to each other.

"As far as [the LAPD] contacting us a few times, that's true," Robinson says.

She adds that reports that the investigation has become a criminal one are false, and that she cannot comment on whether or not the LAPD is approaching the death as a homicide.

A source close to the investigation tells E! News that they haven't ruled out homicide, but have made no conclusions. They continue to question and seek information from at least five doctors with knowledge of Jackson's health condition and treatments.

Hopefully, the results of the toxicology report being announced next week will provide us all—law enforcement, reporters and fans—with some much needed clarity.

—Additional reporting by Maureen Heaton

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