The White Lotus Season 2 Is Going to Be "Completely Different" According to Executive Producer

White Lotus executive producer David Bernad spilled some tea on what viewers can expect from season two of the HBO series, starring Jennifer Coolidge.

By Cydney Contreras Aug 16, 2022 3:43 PMTags
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Who's ready for a trip to Italy?

Season two of HBO's The White Lotus is set to take viewers to the sun-drenched city of Sicily, where a new group of hotel guests will check in for their luxury stay. And while the upcoming episodes will follow the tourists on their travels as season one did, don't expect a repeat of the same events.

"What I'm really proud of in season two is it's a completely different idea," executive producer David Bernad told The Hollywood Reporter Aug. 15. "Season one is very specific to Hawaii. Season two is very specific to Sicily and the issues that are going on—the cultural, thematic ideas of Sicily are obviously much different than Hawaii."

Bernad added that there's a new "moral tale" told in the upcoming episodes, as well as a different "vibe" to the show, but overall, it "feels in the same DNA."

The White Lotus: Season 2 Details

Likewise, Bernad confirmed the same composer is back for season two, meaning there's more ominous and anxiety-inducing sounds headed our way. We can already hear the chanting and drums!


But when it comes to the stories being told in the new season, Bernad offered no hints. Instead, he praised creator Mike White for his writing, saying, "This is Mike's brilliance: When you watch the first episode, you will have no idea where the show is going. I think it'll have that same addictive quality. You're going to want to find out where these characters are going, but you'll never be able to predict." So, no pooping in suitcases?

Jennifer Coolidge, who Bernad describes as "the f--king greatest," returns as Tanya McQuoid alongside new cast members Aubrey PlazaF. Murray Abraham, Theo James, Meghann Fahy and more. 

See their characters in action when The White Lotus season two premieres on HBO this October.

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