Couple Rescues Al Roker and Wife Deborah Roberts After Their Car Dies

Al Roker and his wife Deborah Roberts shared in an Instagram post that a couple of strangers stepped in to help when their car died.

By Daisy Maldonado Aug 15, 2022 10:11 PMTags
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No need for AAA here. 

Al Roker and wife Deborah Roberts revealed on Instagram that a few unfamiliar faces stepped in to lend a helping hand after their car died while they were at dinner.

"Friday finish. The kindness of strangers," Deborah, an ABC News correspondent, wrote in an Aug. 13 post. "After a nice dinner…a bummer. The car battery was dead. What to do? I took a chance and approached a stranger for jumper cables."

Deborah shared that could have been a bad situation was luckily turned around when "Phil and his sweet family came to the rescue." She added, "No 5 mile walk for us tonight! Yay Phil. Thanks for the #kindness."

In the snap, Al gives a thumbs up to the camera while the hood of his car is propped open. In the background, two strangers—presumably Phil and his family member—have a wide smile on their faces as they pose for the snap.

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Deborah wasn't the only one who was grateful they were able to turn around. Her husband Al made a post of his own sharing the heartwarming story. 

"I left the lights on our car during dinner and the battery died but these nice folks gave us a jump!!!" the Today show co-host wrote. "Jump started our weekend!!"


In the comments, people couldn't help but feel joyful about the act of kindness. 

One person wrote, "This story!!! Always choose kindness!!! Cheer's to Phil and his Family! Happy to hear it all worked out!" Another fan said, "So many good folks everywhere. Lovely that you share the good news."

Here's to kindness!

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