The Real Reason Southern Charm's Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose Split

Southern Charm's Taylor Ann Green got candid about her and Shep Rose's breakup, revealing her thoughts on his infidelity, commitment issues and more.

By Allison Crist Aug 12, 2022 3:35 PMTags
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This former Southern Charm relationship really has turned sour. 

Taylor Ann Green confirmed on the Aug. 12 episode of Watch What Happens Live that she and her former boyfriend of two years, Shep Rose, are indeed broken up; however, there's more to the story than what's been reported thus far. 

The revelation came after host Andy Cohen asked if there was one particular incident that led to the late July split. "No," Taylor responded. "What's being portrayed is not the stick that broke the camel's back."

The two have been open about their relationship struggles on Southern Charm, most of which stem from Shep's repeated infidelity and commitment issues. Even when they seem to be making progress on the current season, in confessionals Shep tends to contradict the promises he makes to Taylor, admitting he simply wants to remain a bachelor even though she's eager to get married.

Naturally, watching this back isn't easy. "I think everything that's showing nine months later is proving to be true, that that's the way he still thinks," Taylor added, noting that she's not even interested in being friends with Shep at the moment. "He wants to be, but that's having his cake and eating it too. So, no, I'm not about that. Not for right now, at least."

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Elaborating on Shep's aversion to marriage, Taylor said she believes his hesitancy is "definitely" because he doesn't want to be the first person in his family to get divorced—something he opened up about on the Aug. 11 episode of Southern Charm.

"I come from a family where literally there's zero divorce, so the bar is high," Shep said. "If you fail at marriage, you failed at something. That's not something anybody wants to say they did."

Taylor provided additional insight into their breakup on WWHL, telling Andy she'd "have to assume" Shep wasn't entirely faithful to her throughout their two-year relationship (not counting the kissing incident he already admitted to in 2021). 

Craig Conover made similar claims about Shep's faithfulness on a recent episode of Southern Charm, but Taylor said he's not exactly a reliable source. "Craig is an embellisher," she said, "so he definitely embellishes the truth a lot."

Moving forward, she's not counting out all Bravo men, though. Once Andy offered to set her up with the Bravolebrity of her choice, Taylor admitted she's interested in "blonde Tom," a.k.a. Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules. Thankfully for her, he's recently single

Hear more from Taylor in the above interview.

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