Ashton Kutcher Recalls Moment His Nipple Started Bleeding Amid 17-Mile Run

Ashton Kutcher ran into somewhat of a medical issue while training for the New York City Marathon. Find out what gift David Alan Grier gave the actor to help with his bloody nipples.

By Tamantha Gunn Aug 12, 2022 1:16 PMTags
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Ashton Kutcher may need to invest in bandages for a surprising area on his body.

During an Aug. 12 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the That 70's Show alum shared that his nipples started bleeding while he was participating in a 17-mile training run to prepare for the New York City Marathon.

"My nipple started to bleed. I'm like, 'Is happening right now?'" he shared to guest host David Alan Grier, who gifted Ashton with a pair of gold metallic nipple tassels. "My legs were fine, but my nipples were on fire. It's no joke, man."

Though Ashton—who recently opened up about enduring another medical condition—seemed surprised by his injury, runner's nipple—which happens when your shirt continues to rub against your skin—is very common for those who go on longer runs. Many runners use bandages or tape over their nipples to create a barrier between their clothes and skin. 

Ashton, however, is not letting bleeding nipples stop him from running for a good cause.

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The Two and a Half Men actor shared that he was running his first marathon to support his non-profit, Thorn.

"We built this non-profit up that fights against the sexual exploitation of children," Ashton noted. "So, we build software that we deploy to law enforcement and companies to help them find kids that are being sexually exploited faster."

In addition to helping his charity, another positive has come out of training. Ashton also said that he contacted the people at Peloton to pitch an idea for a fitness TV show to help him stay motivated. He said, "I was like, 'Hey, what if we do a show in my basement where I invite friends to run with me and we bring a Peloton instructor and I interview people while we are running?'"

And some familiar faces will be making an appearance on Ashton's upcoming show. "We've been shooting and we've shot like 10 episodes of this show," he noted, "with Natalie Portman, Kenny Chesney, and with just friends, Chris Paul, that come over."

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