Wells Adams Reveals Why His Wedding to Sarah Hyland Will Be “Off the Wall”

Following several delays due to COVID, Wells Adams teased that his fiancée Sarah Hyland is “so pumped” for one special aspect of their long-awaited wedding day.

By Ashley Joy Parker Aug 11, 2022 1:34 AMTags
Watch: Wells Adams Hopeful For a Summer Wedding With Sarah Hyland

Patience pays off.

After popping the question to Sarah Hyland three years ago, Wells Adams is ready to share a few small details of what fans can expect from their upcoming wedding.

The main thing to know? He teased that their cake is going to be "rustic looking" and totally unique. 

"Sarah is so pumped about it because it is so off the wall," he shared with Nick Viall on the Aug. 10 episode of The Viall Files. "When we gave it to the baker she was like, ‘This is so different, I've never had this.'"

While the Bachelor in Paradise star also reflected on the couple's unexpectedly long engagement and delaying the wedding multiple times because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"We originally got engaged in July of 2019, we were going to get married on 8/8/2020 and then we were supposed to get married on July 31 of 2021 and then again," Wells said. "Now we're at this year…I think we realized if we can make it through this we can make it through anything."

Inside Sarah Hyland's Bridal Shower Before Wells Adams Wedding

Despite the setbacks, the Bachelor Nation mainstay, 38, said that he and and the Modern Family alum, 31—who went public with their romance in the fall of 2017—have enjoyed planning their wedding together. The pair have even gotten some valuable advice from their married friends on how to make the most of their big day.



"I've heard during the wedding, never leave each other's side. I think that's a good one," Wells recalled. "The other one is to make sure you take time for yourselves. So we'll leave after the ceremony, get away from everybody else, and spend time with one another." 

This summer, Sarah has been getting into the bride vibe, celebrating her upcoming nuptials with the "bridal shower of my dreams" in June before jetting off to Mexico for an epic bachelorette party with pals like Vanessa Hudgens the following month.

As Wells told E! News in June, "We've been full force into planning for three years, so everything's done... We just need to actually have it." 

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