Remi Bader Couldn't Find Clothes That She Loved, so She Designed Her Own

TikTok sensation Remi Bader discusses her evolution from hating shopping to teaming up with Revolve and PINK for size-inclusive collections.

By Marenah Dobin Aug 11, 2022 12:40 AMTags
Remi Bader Revolve PinkCourtesy of Revolve/Daniel Yoon

We interviewed Remi Bader because we think you'll like her picks at these prices. The products shown are from Remi's Revolve clothing line and Victoria's Secret PINK. Remi is a paid spokesperson for PINK. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

If you feel like you're constantly on the search for the "perfect" outfit, but nothing is quite right, you're not alone. Remi Bader became a TikTok sensation with her clothing hauls and clothing reviews, often sharing her frustrations about the lack of trendy options that she felt flattered her body. As Remi's social media audience grew, so did her love of fashion. She went from someone who loathed shopping and trying on clothes to our go-to girl for an honest take. When Remi couldn't find the clothes she wanted to wear, she made her own.

Remi partnered with Revolve to design her own clothing drop and Victoria's Secret PINK for a capsule collection. Both collaborations have an emphasis on size inclusivity and the latest trends, of course. In an E! interview, Remi shared, "I never thought it would be possible to work with Revolve or PINK. When they told me about plans to extend sizes and when I learned how passionate they were about that, I was so excited. It felt great they thought I was the right person to represent these changes."

Remi said, "For me, shopping is about putting in that effort. I love finding clothes that make me feel good and I love sharing that with people to make the shopping process a little bit easier for them." And now she's making the clothes herself.

Remi talked all about designing her line with Revolve, teaming up with PINK, and embracing her admittedly unexpected career as a content creator.

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E!: How would you describe your relationship with clothes?
RB: I would say that my relationship with clothes has changed throughout my life. Growing up, I felt discouraged and frustrated when I shopped because I was always a curvier girl. My mom tried to beg me to go shopping and I hated it. Then, I got a little older and I began to enjoy shopping more, but at the same time, it was tough to fully enjoy shopping knowing I always had to make more of an effort to find styles I was comfortable in. 

Right before the pandemic, I finally realized I need new clothes. The clothes that I had really didn't fit me anymore. At first, I was just extremely discouraged as I shopped. I didn't want to shop because there was no way any of these brands are going to carry my size with pieces that are trendy, sexy, and cool. Then, I realized that there are brands out there doing it. There isn't enough of them, but they are there.

I started to try on more clothes and I finally found pieces that looked good on my body. I started to get that confidence back and for the first time ever I started to get excited about fashion.

Courtesy of Revolve/Daniel Yoon

E!: Do you feel an increased pressure to come through with fashion moments all the time when you leave the house? Or is that more of a positive excitement?
RB: I think it's exciting. When I find something that looks good on me, I'm gonna shop more often at that store or get the same thing in other colors. It doesn't happen every day. Now, when I find a dress or a suit that I really love, the first thing I want to do is share it, whether it's with my followers directly or just wearing the outfit for an event. I get excited and I'm not a gatekeeper in any way. I'm the opposite. I want everyone else to buy it. If it took me so long to get the point of loving an item. I want to save people time and just get them to that good part, feeling happy and confident. It's exciting for me and I love to see people buying things because I did. It's a cool feeling and it means a lot to me.

E!: Your followers appreciate that. We don't want to follow these gatekeepers with beauty secrets they want share. We appreciate that you share your insights and experiences with us.
RB: Thank you. I do feel like I've built up a trust with my followers, sharing my finds and showing how clothes look on my body. It's not as if I can lie about how it looks. I never planned to be an influencer or content creator, so the fact that I'm doing this not coming from this over place of what you all to buy something. It's more about showing how clothes look on my body and letting you make the decision about what works for you. I'm not here to say "please get this item." I'm excited if I'm helpful, but I don't want anyone to feel any sort of pressure from seeing this content.

Remi Bader's Revolve Collection

Remi x Revolve Marissa Top

"I want people to get the most use out of these clothes, but I also want them to be able to make some small modifications to switch things up. There are some shirts and blazers that you could button to look more conservative or leave it open to be more sexy. I tried to think about those different scenarios."

Remi x Revolve Chloe Faux Leather Blazer

"Specifically, it was hard for me to find blazers in my size, so I thought 'I should just make one.' This collection is all items I've never been able to find for myself that actually fit right with great fabrics."

Remi x Revolve Meghan Blazer Dress

"I've never been able to fit in a blazer dress for my whole life. I've tried them from every possible place that sells them and they're mostly too short on me or the buttons don't close. Some of them just don't have enough fabric and they're too tight on the arms and shoulders. I made this one a little bit longer than the dresses I've seen. I wanted to make something that more people could wear."

Remi x Revolve Gigi Maxi Dress

"This red dress is not your everyday dress, but so many people messaged me asking me for wedding guest options. This would work perfectly. I like having a gown in there that's nicer. I think that's super fun too."

Remi x Revolve Hannah Maxi Dress

"There's a brown cut-out dress that I love. It's super sexy. I love the fabric. It's really stretchy. That's probably my favorite dress."

Remi x Revolve Gwen Faux Leather Dress

"I love this leather dress. I've seen similar silhouettes, but not a lot with this leather look. I love that it has corset-looking top and it's almost down to the knee.  I just think it's super fun and it's super it's also stretchy."

Remi x Revolve Lauren One Shoulder Top and Lucy Maxi Skirt

"Honestly, every material in here except maybe like the pant sets is stretchy. You could size up or size down and then depending on what kind of fit you want with these materials, especially with the green set. I actually size down in that set because I want it more form fitting, but this look is more flexible. You have more options to really pick the fit you want."

Remi x Revolve Ali Faux Leather Corset Top

"I did this corset specifically because I never found one that really fits me. I wanted to make pieces from this leather-like material because I think it's fun, especially in a range of sizes. It's great for fall too."

Remi Bader's PINK Favorites

PINK Dad Short

"These are a definite favorite. I have them in like every color like I've been wearing them every day. I love these shorts when I'm hot and in the house. I can wear these shorts to sleep, but if I want to go get a bagel at the end of my street, I would wear them too. They're pajamas and also loungewear. They're just very comfortable."

These shorts come in 19 colorways.

PINK Loungin’ Wireless Push-up Bra

"I honestly don't love bras. I'd rather never wear a bra in my life, so working with a bra company is so funny to me. So, if I say I like a bra, that's saying a lot. If I have to leave my house, I do wear a bra and something wireless is ideal. You can even wear this one as a crop top with sweatpants or something."

PINK Wear Everywhere T-Shirt Bra

"I typically go for the wireless, but I do have some wired bra picks. There's a t-shirt bra that's actually really comfortable. I hate feeling uncomfortable in my day. I also love that there's no clasp. You can put it on over your head and it's stretchy. But, then it has a wire that pushes up my boobs to look really good. So, I love that bra."

PINK Longline Lace Bralette

"This is a bra I love under a blazer but also for some lazy options as a crop top. I love this under something open with a little lace sticking out. It's so pretty."

PINK Fleece Baggy Campus Sweatpants

"I've honestly been wearing these sweatpants so much. I don't really wear any other sweatpants at this point. I wear the sweatpants in the winter and in the summer walking around my apartment. I just need to be comfortable. I have them in a million colors. I wear the XXL and they're very just loose and you feel like they're not even on. The material is very soft. I live in those."

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