Normani Says She Has “Real Life S--t” Going on in Her Personal Life

Normani explained that she's been struggling in her personal life, after social media users claimed she's "not HUNGRY anymore" and has lost motivation in music. Find out what she said.

By Lindsay Weinberg Aug 10, 2022 2:42 AMTags
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Normani wants to set the record straight when it comes to her motivation. 

The Fifth Harmony alum alluded to some recent challenges in her life while clapping back on claims that her dedication to her music career has been put on the back burner. 

"No idea where Normani's motivation (no pun intended) has gone but I just dont see the same passion from her as I used to," one Twitter user wrote in a since-deleted message, per Billboard. "Before yall start, its not depression so dont even go THERE!" 

A second user claimed that it's simply "What happens when you've gotten comfortable and you're not HUNGRY anymore." 

But Normani gave a fierce response on Aug. 9, tweeting back at the user to "just shut the f--k up."

Some fans also came to Normani's defense, with fashion illustrator Hayden Williams gave some insight into what the 26-year-old might be going through. "It's so interesting that people that have no clue what it's like to be in the music industry & the complexities that can come with that," Hayden tweeted, "but will dish out unwanted & rude opinions all the time smh."

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Normani, who released the song "Fair" in March, went on to retweet Hayden's post, adding that those challenges are all "on top of real life s--t going on in my personal life." 

While the singer didn't elaborate what she's been dealing with, her followers responded to let her know that they hope she's doing alright. Hayden replied, "Just know you have so much genuine love & support no matter what."

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However, "Some transparency would be helpful," one person wrote back. "If mental health issue let them know. Ppl will speculate when you don't provide any real answers to valid questions."

Fifth Harmony disbanded in 2018, and fans have long been anticipating her debut solo album. "God, I already know," she told Bustle in June when the topic was brought up. "Status of the album? Summer for sure. Tour? Coming." 

Normani has previously been candid about the struggles she faced while a part of the girl group. "So many sessions, I would cry like I've never cried before," she told Billboard in 2019, adding that she feels "responsibility" to succeed as a Black woman as she moves forward in her solo career. "There's so much that I have to get off my chest."

Read more about how she overcame feeling like an "underdog" here.

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