Matthew Shively

Nickelodeon star Matt Shively is more than just Keke Palmer's goofy sidekick, Ryan Laserbeam, on True Jackson, VP. The 18-year-old, central California native is addicted to his new motorcycle, wants to make indie films and has dreams of becoming the next Shia LaBeouf.

"Shia is the reason I started acting," Shively tells us.

What else did the up-and-comer have to say? Read on to find out who Shively would like to see do a guest stint on True Jackson (no, it's not Shia), how he likes zooming around in traffic and why he's nervous about meeting—you guessed it—Shia!

Who would you like to guest star on True Jackson?
Seth Rogen, because I think it would be funny to see him as a fashion designer with, like, designer shades and leather clothing. He always plays a stoner type. I'd also want him on the show because I want to meet him.

How long do you plan on staying in the tween world?
Only until the show is done, because I've never wanted to become the heartthrob or the teen idol. I want to be able to become an adult actor, so it's kind of hard when you're pushed out there as a kid actor.

Who inspires you in Hollywood?
Shia LaBeouf is basically the real reason that I started acting. I think it was in fourth grade—Even Stevens was on the air…and it was kind of just a moment in my mind where I realized I wanted to entertain people like he does.

Have you tried to meet him?
I haven't—specifically because I've always been afraid of meeting him. Since he is the one I aspire to be like, I'm always afraid he's going to be really mean. It would shatter my universe.

We hear you just bought a motorcycle.
Yeah, it's a black 2009 Triumph Thruxton. When it comes to being stressed, I just hop on my bike and zoom through traffic. It makes me feel free.

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira


Megan Fox has also declared her affection for Shia. Head over to our poll and tell us whether they should make it official!

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