How Michael Bublé Promises to Share the Love During His "Baby Making Tour"

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, Michael Bublé teased a set list full of romantic hits and explained why you may not be hearing Christmas songs during his Higher tour.

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Watch: Michael Buble Lights Up Over His "BABY-MAKING TOUR"

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Date night has never sounded so right.

Summer may be coming to an end, but Michael Bublé is just beginning to spark the fire as he brings the heat to a concert venue near you. In fact, he's quick to call his latest round of shows a "baby making tour."

"Me and the band, all our job is to put a little bit of air into the tires, that's it," he exclusively shared with E! News. "And then you go home and you're riding the bikes all night long…We've been apart for all this time during COVID. And now we get to be smushed into a room together singing and dancing and laughing and crying. This is like going to a wedding. Somebody's getting laid for sure."

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

With a set list filled with what Michael called "baby making music," couples can expect plenty of hits including "Feeling Good," "Higher" and "Haven't Met You Yet."

Joshua Mellin

At the same time, don't expect to get in the holiday spirit just yet, as he travels throughout the country from now until Oct. 11.

"I made one Christmas record now almost 11 years ago and I am so blessed that every year, people choose to have me join their family and their celebration," he said. "But really, I just want to enjoy it with my family now."

But you shouldn't be the slightest bit disappointed, because Michael is ready to deliver an unforgettable show for both new and old fans. 

Joshua Mellin

"People need to be taken away," he said. "They need to be entertained and I hope they choose me because I know they have a lot of choices. I feel like I'm an airline pilot right now. I know you could have chosen to fly with anyone but thank you for flying with us." 

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Dreaming Big

This summer and fall, Michael Bublé is traveling across the country to perform his biggest hits during the 2022 Higher tour. 

What's Not to Love

"What a life I live," Michael shared about his experience in the music industry. "I go on stage. I love every second of it playing with my beautiful partners in music. I sing for an audience that is my family. I genuinely was built for what I do." 

All-Star Dad

While Michael is a true star onstage, he assures fans that life away from the massive venues is totally normal. "I have this very separate life where I feel like I put on the bat suit and then become that guy, and then the suit comes off and the t-shirt and hat goes on and I'm just a dad and a husband," he said. "I love that I have that separation because I think it protects me. I think that it's really easy to get lost in the ego of it all and the narcissism of it all, and I think they're always a wonderful reminder of what's real and what's important."

Celebrating the King

During Michael's latest tour, fans may be treated to a special cover of an Elvis Presley favorite. "I think I will always pay tribute to certain people during my shows," he said. "There's always tribute paid to Elvis. There's always tribute paid to Dean Martin and Van Morrison. I always have something in there that I kind of recognize of how much they meant to me." 

Kids Rule

Music lovers of all ages are welcome to attend Michael's concerts. In fact, two fans may just be Michael's sons Noah, 8, and Elias, 6. "My daughter came up to me one night and said, ‘Poppy, Poppy. I have a secret to tell you,'" Michael recalled. "She said, 'They want to be like you.'" 

Ticket Tips

Before purchasing your concert tickets, Michael urges his fans to follow a simple rule: Don't always trust overpriced secondary ticket sellers. "I don't care if it's coming to my concert or you're going to see Harry Styles," he said. "Go to Ticketmaster and you will find tickets that are affordable for you." 

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