All the Details on Peacock’s New Series Everything I Know About Love

The TV series based on Dolly Alderton's beloved memoir Everything I Know About Love is headed to Peacock. Get all the details including the show's premiere date, cast and more.

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Prepare to fall for head over heels for Everything I Know About Love

Don't get it twisted, though—the upcoming Peacock series, a semi-fictionalized version of Dolly Alderton's memoir of the same name, is not the stuff of rom-coms. Instead, the central love story is actually the friendship between two 20-somethings, Maggie (Emma Appleton) and Birdy (Bel Powley).

Living in London with two of their university pals, the childhood besties are riding the rollercoaster that is young adulthood and experiencing all the twists and turns that come with it. The premise might sound familiar, but what makes the series stand out among its predecessors is, as Powley told Cosmopolitan UK in June, that it's grounded in reality but ultimately really "joyful." 

"They're having the best time," she added. "I think that's where there will be a stark difference with our show, unlike other shows that have been about women."

And while Everything I Know About Love is indeed a deeper look into the power of friendships rather than relationships, the latter still plays an important role. As Peacock put it in a press release, "The series is an unflinching deep dive into bad dates, heartaches and humiliations and begs the question: can platonic love survive romantic love as we grow up?"

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Read on for all of the details on Everything I Know About Love.

The series hits Peacock Thursday, Aug. 25.

The Source Material

Everything I Know About Love is based on Dolly Alderton's memoir of the same name. Originally published in 2018, the book is a sprawling journey that winds through the award-winning journalist's 20s and all of the relatable highs and lows she encounters along the way—think bad dates, career woes, loss, heartbreak, and most importantly, good friends. 

The Plot

Like Alderton's book, the TV series (which will be semi-fictionalized) is the ultimate love letter to friendship. Maggie and Birdy—who are based on Alderton and her real-life bestie—are at the center of the show, which is largely set in a house-share in London in 2012, where the pair lives with their university pals Amara and Nell. From there, the logline basically says it all: "Four friends. One story of great love. A messy, raucous stumble into bad dates and heartaches—and surviving your twenties."

The Cast

Emma Appleton plays Maggie; Bel Powley, Birdy; Marli Siu, Nell; and Aliyah Odoffin, Amara.

Meet Maggie

Maggie is an aspiring writer in her early 20s known for her chaotic, life-of-the-party personality. 

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Meet Birdy

Perhaps the most serious of the show's friend group, Birdy is fiercely loyal to her childhood BFF Maggie. However, their relationship becomes strained when Birdy gets her first serious boyfriend. 

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Meet Nell

A new teacher, Nell is stuck in a seemingly unhappy long-term relationship. 

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Meet Amara

Amara works in London's corporate world, but dreams of a career as a dancer.

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The Production

Alderton was very involved with the adaptation process, writing the series and serving as an executive producer, while China Moo-Young directed.

The Episodes

Everything I Know About Love will consist of seven episodes in total. 

The Premiere Date

Everything I Know About Love premieres Thursday, Aug. 25 on Peacock.

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