The Bachelorette: What Happened When Logan Jumped Shipped From Team Rachel to Team Gabby

On the Aug. 8 episode of The Bachelorette, Logan told Rachel that he was interested in pursuing things with Gabby instead. Find out all the drama that ensued afterward.

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This is a European vacation from hell. 

On the Aug. 1 episode of The Bachelorette, Logan received a rose from Rachel Recchia despite making it known—at least to the cameras—that he was more interested in Gabby Windey. On the Aug. 8 episode, the other shoe dropped. 

After the gang made the voyage from France to Bruges, Belgium, Logan knew what he had to do. "I feel for Gabby and I'm just ping-ponging this in my head constantly," he said before the big group date. So, he went to Rachel's room to break the news.

"When I read that group card today, I felt that everyone else on that card was sure that you were going to be someone they could end up with at the end of this," Logan told Rachel, "while I still had reservations and feelings for Gabby."

Rachel kept her cool, but was clearly upset with the timing, telling Logan, "You accepted so many roses from me, when the whole time you really didn't even want to spend time [with me]. I appreciate you bringing this to me. If that's where your heart is, I appreciate you telling me, I just wish it would have been earlier."

After Logan left, however, the flood gates opened and Rachel began to question her place on the show. "No one can stand here and honestly tell me I didn't fail," she said through tears. "This was supposed to be my time to find someone and everyone's rejecting me week after week after week."

Not exactly a scrapbook-worthy journey thus far.

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Once Logan was out of dodge, host Jesse Palmer came to comfort Rachel. "I feel like I'm failing in my role as The Bachelorette," she told him. Despite a pep talk from the former football star, Rachel made the decision to cancel her group date.

Of course, once Logan told Rachel, he also had to tell Gabby. After explaining the situation, Gabby wasn't exactly upset by the news.

"You were our only overlap in the beginning," Gabby revealed to Logan. "You were the only one that both of felt like we could comfortably say, ‘I'm into him.' That night, when you had come over and kissed both of us, it sounded like you and her and a really great conversation. I completely backed away."

Gabby and Rachel linked up immediately afterward and while Rachel told Gabby that she wanted her to keep Logan around if she saw a future with him, she revealed just the opposite in confessional, saying, "I really hope Gabby sends him home."


Before that evening's after-party, Logan switched sides and made his presence known to Gabby's suitors. They were not very pleased, with Erich insinuating some less-than-honest intentions, theorizing, "Maybe he's the most calculated dude here."

Despite the drama, Rachel managed to enjoy herself that night at the afterparty, giving a rose to Tino, and had a successful one-on-one date the next day with Aven, where she presented him with a rose.

Gabby also had a lovely one-on-one date with Johnny, where he secured a rose, and a group date with the rest of the guys that involved making Belgian waffles, playing soccer and getting slapped across the face by some fish. Gabby presented her afterparty rose to Nate.

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At the rose ceremony, only one question was on the minds of the remaining men: Is Gabby really going to give a rose to Logan?

Rachel handed out roses to Zach, Tyler and Ethan, meaning that it was the end of the road for Meatball. Not a bad run for a guy who once showered himself in cans of spaghetti sauce during the talent show. 

After giving roses to Jason, Spencer and Erich, Gabby's final rose came down to Michael, Mario and, of course, Logan. 

By now, you probably know how this thing ends. 

Gabby gave her final rose to Logan, which was met with a generous dose of side-eye from Rachel. 

"Three guys up there. I've had the least amount of time. One of them has had five weeks with Gabby," Logan bragged. "One of them got the first impression rose. And yet, she chose me."

America, we have a new villain.  

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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