Take a Magic Carpet Ride Through Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Romance

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have gone their separate ways after about nine months together. Look back at their relationship milestones after that first spark on SNL.

By Lindsay Weinberg Aug 06, 2022 1:04 AMTags
Watch: Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Break Up After 9 Months Together

He wasn't the Aladdin to her Jasmine after all. 

Kim Kardashian is no longer dating Pete Davidson, as the pair broke up earlier this week, multiple sources told E! News. The sources explained that their demanding schedules and the long distance between her home in California and his filming in Australia made it challenging to continue on. 

In a way, the pair owe their relationship to some Disney magic, as it was playing Jasmine and Aladdin on Saturday Night Live in October that brought them together. They shared a kiss during the sketch, and Kim would later remember how she felt a "little zing." She said on a podcast episode in April that she also took note of his "BDE action," naturally. 

"A few days later, I called the producer at SNL and I was like "Hey do you have Pete's number?'" Kim recalled on a June episode of The Kardashians. "They were like 'Yeah' and I text him. I wasn't even thinking like 'Oh my god I'm gonna be in a relationship with him.' I was just thinking...I heard about this BDE. I need to get out there. I need to just, like, jump start my...I was just basically DTF."

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson: Romance Rewind

What started off as a magic carpet ride eventually gave us a whole new world of Kete. The buzzy couple traveled to the Bahamas and Staten Island, all before clocking in some quality time with her four children. 

While their relationship is no longer shining, shimmering, splendid, we can still take a ride down memory lane and relive their PDA-packed romance. Keep reading for their complete relationship timeline.

Dinner Together

Kim Kardashian first crossed paths with Pete Davidson back in January 2019, when she and then-husband Kanye "Ye" West joined the comedian and Timothée Chalamet at a sushi dinner to celebrate Kid Cudi's birthday. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star tweeted several pictures from the get-together and later spoke about it during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"We went to Nobu and when I got there I realized it was like a guys' dinner," Kim explained in February 2019. "It was just such a fun night. Everyone just had such a good time. The vibe was so good and I didn't want to ruin it so I sat in the corner and just documented it for them."

First Kiss

In October 2021, Kim shared the screen with Pete while hosting Saturday Night Live. During her appearance on the NBC sketch comedy show, the two shared a sweet kiss as Princess Jasmine and Aladdin in a skit parodying Disney's Aladdin.

"A few days later, I called the producer at SNL and I was like "Hey do you have Pete's number?'" Kim recalled on a June 2, 2022 episode of The Kardashians. "They were like 'Yeah' and I text him. I wasn't even thinking like 'Oh my god I'm gonna be in a relationship with him.' I was just thinking...I heard about this BDE. I need to get out there. I need to just, like, jump start my...I was just basically DTF."

Officially Dating

Shortly after they were spotted holding hands while visiting Knott's Scary Farm in California in late October 2021, a source close to Kim told E! News that the pair had started "casually dating," sharing that Pete "told her he doesn't want to see anyone else."

"Kim is smitten over him and it's very exciting to her," the source said, adding that the SKIMS mogul "is completely enthralled" by the comedian.

La La Landed

As their romance began to heat up, New York native Pete flew to Los Angeles to visit Kim at her stomping grounds. Paul Barewijk, who was visiting the Los Angeles from Amsterdam, bumped into the couple during a night out on Nov. 27, 2021, and was able to snapped a few selfies with them. He later told E! News of the encounter, "They looked really happy."

Hometown Visit

In December 2021, Kim was spotted visiting Pete in his hometown of Staten Island, catching a nighttime screening of House of Gucci with the actor at Eltingville's Atrium Stadium Cinemas. An eyewitness told E! News that the pair were joined by Scott Disick and some of Pete's friends for the casual outing, with the two stopping to buy snacks before heading into the theater.


Back in Beverly Hills

Though Kim and Pete are based on opposite coasts, the two continue to make their bicoastal romance work. On March 2, 2022, the day Kim was declare legally single amid her divorce from Kanye "Ye" West, she and Pete were seen having lunch with friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel. At the time, a separate eyewitness told E! News that they "seemed to be having a great time enjoying their day together."  

The duo were also spotted by blogger Casey Messer (@caseymesser), who unintentionally recorded a glimpse of Kim and Pete at the hotel while taking a video of her friends walking down a hallway.

Instagram Official

The KKW Beauty founder posted a selfie with Pete on March 11, 2022, making the couple Instagram official. In the caption of her post, she reference a quote from the 2010 film The Town, writing, "Whose car are we gonna take?!"

Silly Shenanigans

Kim showed off their silly side with Pete on March 11, 2022, when she posted a picture of them sitting on the ground in a hallway. In the photo, the reality star—wearing a silvery fringe jacket, metallic dress and chrome thigh-high boots—appeared to blow a kiss at Pete as he laid his head on her lap.

First Red Carpet Event But Not Debut

Kim and Pete attended the premiere of her Hulu show, The Kardashians, together in April 2022. However, they didn't pose for photos on the red carpet together, but she told E! News' Daily Pop that he was being "supportive" from the side.

Red Carpet Debut

In April 2022, Kim and Pete made their red carpet debut at the 2022 White House Correspondents' Dinner in Washington D.C.

Photoshop? What Photoshop?

In April 2022, Kim shared Instagram photos of herself and Pete looking cozy at a late-night dinner following the Kardashians season one premiere. In response to a headline claiming she appeared "to Photoshop Pete Davidson's nose and jawline," Kim wrote, "Hmmm...I guess Pete's jawline is snatched! Snatched to the point u guys thought I photoshopped it!!! One pic he's laughing in mid convo! Wait I did add a grainy filter tho."

Comedy Night

In April 2022, Kim supported Pete at his Netflix Is a Joke festival comedy show in Los Angeles, during which he joked about her ex, Kanye West.

Met Gala

Kim and Pete attended the Met Gala in New York City together in May 2022.

Kiss Kiss

Kim shares a kissing selfie video with Pete in May 2022. Pete recently dyed his hair platinum blond to match his girlfriend's.

London Calling

The two visit London together in late May 2022.

Say Cheese!

Kim shared a sweet selfie with her man in a July 11 Instagram post.

Packing On The PDA

Pete leans in for a kiss from Kim during a relaxing day at home in July 2022.

It's Over

Pete and Kim broke up, multiple sources told E! News in August 2022. While sources said they have "a lot of love" for one another, their long distance relationship proved to be too difficult. She continues to co-parent with Kanye and their divorce is moving forward, according to multiple sources.