Nick Jonas Reveals Secrets Behind Jonas Brothers’ "S.O.S." for Song's 15th Anniversary

In honor of the Jonas Brothers' track "S.O.S" turning 15 years old, Nick Jonas shared some behind-the-scenes details about making it. Learn what the song was originally titled and where Nick wrote it.

By Kelly Gilmore Aug 04, 2022 12:40 AMTags
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SOS, it's been over a decade and we still can't get enough of this song.

Nick Jonas took to TikTok to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the Jonas Brothers' track "S.O.S" and to share a few "fun facts" about the iconic hit.

As Nick revealed in his Aug. 3 video, "I wrote the song when I was 13 in a hotel room in New York City."

And it turns out, "S.O.S." had a different tune when he first wrote it. The 29-year-old explained that it "wasn't until we got into the studio with John Fields, our producer, that we were thinking, 'It needs to be more memorable right off the top,' So, that guitar line was born."

But the tune wasn't the only thing to get swapped during production. Nick shared, "It was originally titled 'A Call I'll Never Get,' and when it came time to make the track list for the album, everyone kept calling it 'S.O.S.' So, we went with that."

Jonas Brothers Through the Years

No matter the name, the song was undeniably dubbed an instant hit—and that milestone is not something Nick has forgotten. "It was our first song to go to No. 1 on iTunes, I believe, back in '07," he shared. "And, to this day, one of my favorite songs to play live."


Nick ended his video by thanking the fans who "sang your emo little hearts out then and now to every word."

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Kevin Jonas was sure to share the love by reposting Nick's TikTok to his Instagram Stories. As for Joe Jonas, leave it to him to poke some fun at the momentous occasion. Joe made a TikTok of his own where he dueted Nick's clip. In the video, he started by listening to what Nick is saying intently before using the "What Fruit Are You?" filter (which put Joe's face on a dancing fruit, enough said) while Nick described the song's original tune.

Brotherly love, that's just the way they roll.

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