My Unorthodox Life's Batsheva Haart Details Her Dating Life and "Hinge Hoe Phase" Amid Divorce

Batsheva Haart shared that she's started dating again about seven months after her breakup with ex Ben Weinstein. Find out how the My Unorthodox Life star's love life has been so far.

By Gabrielle Chung Aug 04, 2022 1:14 AMTags

Batsheva Haart is single and ready to mingle!

More than seven months after ending her nine-year marriage to Ben Weinstein, the My Unorthodox Life star has jumped back into the dating scene. Admittedly a little behind on all the new apps given how she was only 19 when she tied the knot with the New York-based realtor, Batsheva is now documenting all the ups and downs of her singleton journey for all to see.

In a TikTok video shared in June, the 29-year-old candidly admitted that the "first stage I experienced was my Hinge hoe phase."

"There's really no other way to describe it," she quipped, explaining how she's been "talking to a million people" on the dating app, which was founded in 2012. "When you're talking to a bunch of people, you can easily weed out the ones you don't want to see."

For Batsheva, it's "important" to keep the conversation with perspective suitors, she noted in a separate video. "On Hinge, instead of liking a photo or a prompt, you should be responding to prompts," she explained. "Liking someone's profile is not enough. So when I see a guy I think is cute, I will respond to something."

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How has her love life been so far? The TikToker gave her followers an update in July, writing alongside a video in which she rolls her eyes: "When your situationship ends and you know this man will be living in your head rent free until someone new comes in."

Batsheva added in the caption, "#singlelifebelike."

On Aug. 3, she shared a clip of herself begrudgingly tidying her apartment with the relatable caption: "When you remember that you have a date so you need to clean up your place."

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Back in November, a source close to Batsheva and Ben told E! News that the two were going their separate ways after more than a decade together. The duo then confirmed the news with a joint statement reading, "After some time and consideration, we have made the difficult decision to separate. We have so much love and respect for each other but have realized that it is time to take some space to ensure that each of us live the most joyous, fulfilling lives possible."

"There are no secret nor salacious events to blame," they continued. "We are just two best friends who met at a very young age and have grown over the past nine years each in our own way."