Why Ingrid Andress' Invitation to Keith Urban's Tour Came Right on Time

As part of E!’s Backstage Pass, country music singer Ingrid Andress shared a look inside The Speed of Now tour with Keith Urban and previewed what's to come with her new album.

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Ingrid Andress remembers the call like it was yesterday.

While working on her upcoming album Good Person, the 30-year-old received an offer to travel across the country and perform at Keith Urban's The Speed of Now tour. After nearly passing out from excitement, Ingrid knew she couldn't say no.

"I was like, ‘This is perfect because I get to try out these new songs for fans who I think really would appreciate my kind of music,'" Ingrid exclusively told E! News. "It was just a great combination of feeling like I'm in the right place at the right time and also just very excited to learn from such as legend."

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Now, as the countdown continues for the release of her sophomore album on Aug. 26, Ingrid is soaking up every moment on the road—and making new fans along the way.

Peter Kotecki for Lone River Beverage Co.

"I've found that playing these new songs that aren't out yet, people are really listening and interested in what the lyrics are," she said. "It's a good trial and error of, 'Does the song sound good live?' It's good to see people getting into music that they haven't even heard yet."

It certainly was the case on Aug. 2 when Ingrid headed to Los Angeles with Lone River Ranch Water to deliver an intimate concert for country fans.

While performing a mixture of old and unreleased songs at Following It All The Way West: A Taste of Texas of La La Land with Lone River, Ingrid tried to follow Keith's example by making sure listeners connected on a deeper level to the sounds they are hearing.

Peter Kotecki for Lone River Beverage Co.

"He makes everyone feel like it's his first time playing these songs every night and that's something that I am learning to do as well," she said. "All these songs that I write are very personal and if I'm feeling those feelings, somebody else out there is bound to be feeling them too. I want to be feeling it with them in the moment." 

For the next three months, Ingrid will be getting inspired by the sights and sounds of the United States as she travels the country in her tour bus. If you peak inside her ride, the Colorado native said she's a minimalist who just "needs potato chips and some form of tequila like Lone River Ranch Water."

And while her new album may be weeks away from release, Ingrid said she's not done putting her thoughts to paper and creating songs that millions can connect with.

"I think a lot of the inspiration from my music comes from just living life," she told E! News. "I'm hoping that by being vulnerable, it opens up conversations for people to have with each other to get to know each other more and better on a human level."

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