Ashley Greene Reveals the Lesson About Motherhood She's Taken From Twilight's Bella Swan

It won't be long until Ashley Greene and Paul Khoury welcome their first child together. But first, see what the Twilight alum has to say about the bond between Bella Swan and Renesmee Cullen.

By Elyse Dupre Aug 03, 2022 7:30 PMTags
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In a new moon or two, Ashley Greene will be a mom.

Now, she's looking back at a maternal bond from her Twilight days—the one between Bella Swan and her daughter Renesmee Cullen.

"The one thing I'll take from Bella and her relationship with Renesmee is kind of the fierce protectiveness and loyalty that she has to this child," Ashley, who played Alice Cullen in the film series, told InStyle in an interview published July 28. "I think that is something that innately comes with being a mother, for sure."

But the character, played by Kristen Stewart in the movies, isn't the only one Ashley is taking guidance from. Her onscreen sister has also been a source of support.

"Being pregnant allows you to connect with people in a very different way," the actress said, noting she and former co-star Nikki Reed (who played Rosalie), "align on a lot of things, so that has been a really nice kind of re-development of a relationship."

The Twilight Cast: Then and Now

Ashley announced in March that she and husband Paul Khoury are expecting their first child together, with her rep telling E! News the couple are "over the moon" with excitement. Since then, she's continued to keep fans updated on her pregnancy, posting photos of her baby bump and sharing her cravings. According to InStyle, the baby is due in September.

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Ashley is one of several Twilight alums growing their families. In February, Kellan Lutz, who played Emmett Cullen, announced he and his wife Brittany Lutz are expecting a baby boy. And in June, Peter Facinelli, aka Dr. Carlisle Cullen, shared he and Lily Anne Harrison have a baby on the way. And yes, Ashley told the magazine she's up for a Twilight cast playgroup.

"We have this kind of family bond," she noted of the film franchise, which ended in 2012. "I could not see this person for five years, and then talk to them, and it's like you pick up right where you left off."

Reflecting on the Twilight films' overwhelming popularity, Ashley recalled a point when she was having a hard time separating herself from the franchise.

"I went through kind of this post-Twilight moment where I questioned a lot of things," she told the publication. "It was just an immense growing period of really kind of figuring out who I was and what I wanted." 

Of course, Ashley went on to star in several other films, including Bombshell, Wrong Place and her latest movie The Immaculate Room.

But while Ashley has moved beyond Twilight, she couldn't help but weigh in on the franchise's most important debate: Is she Team Edward (Robert Pattinson) or Team Jacob (Taylor Lautner)?

"They both seem very intense for a 17-year-old relationship if I'm being honest," Ashley told InStyle. Still, she noted she's sticking with family and added, "I do think that it's hard not to be Team Edward because I am a vampire myself. His intentions are always very good, so I'd probably still stick to Team Edward."