Your Exclusive First Look at E! Insider: E! News’ (Free) Members-Only Lifestyle Brand

Find out more about the sweet benefits that come with being an E! Insider.

By Ally Holt, Caitlyn Sagocio, Madison Hirano Aug 01, 2022 5:29 PMTags
Watch: Introducing E! Insider: E! News’ (Free) Members-Only Lifestyle Brand

Hey Insiders, E! News here...your one and only source for everything pop culture. And, we have the biggest news ever. One of our many sources, host Erin Lim Rhodes, sent us this, "Spotted in WeHo, bags in hand—E! Insider has arrived." Don't believe us? Well, we have proof. See for yourselves in the clip above.

That's right. We're making it easy to follow the news you crave and shop the trends you need to follow. Red carpet beauty hacks? Got 'em. Celeb wellness tips? All over it. We're curating the best of pop culture lifestyle just for you—and we can't wait for you to see everything we have planned.

What Little Miss are you? Is your makeup giving main character energy? Want to fill your For You Page with viral home hacks? That's where E! Insider Shop comes in to save the day. We're hunting down the best products so you don't have to.

Celebs' Best Street Style

And if that wasn't enough, we're also giving E! Insider members access to the coolest, most sought-after perks and exclusive content, like our members-only subscriptions, E! Star Signs and E! Living. And there is so much more coming soon!

So, how do you join E! Insider? Go to the E! Insider hub to create an E! Insider login, and you're on the list.

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