All the Islanders’ Funniest Moments From Peacock’s Love Island USA

Love Island USA always delivers when it comes to drama, romance and hilarious one-liners—and not just from narrator Ian Stirling. Here are the contestants' funniest moments from season four.

By Lindsay Weinberg Jul 28, 2022 10:27 PMTags

These Islanders will have you cracking on and cracking up.

The new season of Love Island USA is underway and airing six nights a week on NBC's streaming site, Peacock. That means fans are falling in love with a new batch of sexy singles, who landed in the dreamy villa in Santa Barbara, Calif. for a summer of love, lust and some unexpected laughs. 

Viewers can always count on the show's Islanders to deliver some iconic lines (long live that jaw-dropping Brexit conversation). But, this season, fans are already taking note of some exceptionally silly moments (that's not even including the chef's kiss jokes from host Sarah Hyland and legendary narrator Ian Stirling).

From Deb's conspiracy theory about birds to Sydney's questionable geography knowledge, the season four contestants are delivering some of the funniest moments on the reality TV franchise yet. And their wild revelations just keep coming, as episodes drop Tuesdays through Sundays at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET on Peacock.

Peacock's Love Island USA: Meet the Cast

Keep reading to relive some of Love Island USA's most hilarious scenes this season. 

Hot People Only

After seeing the villa's new arrivals, Courtney made it clear that only 10s can hang with her. "I'm thankful they're adding to our hotness," she said in the Aug. 4 episode. "Because, like, if they weren't hot, I'd be like, 'Mmm, they shouldn't be here.'" Watch it here.

...It's All Chemistry

When the couples were tasked with getting to know one another better, most wondered about their number of sexual partners, their middle names and how many siblings they had. Deb, on the other hand? She asked Jesse, "What's your favorite part of the scientific method?" See his response here.

Geographically Challenged

In the premiere episode, Sydney wanted to know more about her man Isaiah, starting with where he's from exactly. "What's North Dakota like?" she asked, before he corrected her: "South." She then asked, "Where is Minnesota? Michigan?" Isaiah tried to draw a map in the air with his hands to explain, and Sydney wondered, "Is Minnesota its own state?" May need to get this girl a map ASAP! 

Peep This Conspiracy Theory

Deb has an interesting take when it comes to... birds. "Do you think birds are real?" she casually asked Mady while lounging by the pool. "Sometimes I think they're little robots from the government and that's why they sit on power lines, to recharge." Mady had only one word in response: "Wut."

Brain Power

In episode eight, Zeta told the girls she feels threatened by newcomer Bria going after her man Timmy. It was all too much to process for Deb, who only had one thing to say: "This is all, like, a lot of, like, thinking." It's a mood, OK? Watch the moment here.

Fanny Flutters 2.0

After Sydney cut things off with self-professed "mama's boy" Andy in episode eight, she rekindled things with waiter Isaiah in the reclusive daybed. They locked lips and he reached for her thigh, as she told him, "You make my vagina tingle...That's how I know I like a boy." It's not quite Maura Higgins' practically trademarked line "fanny flutters," but it'll do.

Bromance or Romance?

Tyler had us stumped when he called Sereniti "bro" in the middle of their supposedly flirty one-on-one chat. He told her, "Sorry for calling you bro. I don't know why I said—" as she interrupted to say, "No, what's up dog?" At least they're on the same page. Watch the moment here.

In Need of Professional Help

In the midst of filming a reality TV show, who wouldn't be like Deb and admit during a confessional, "I need a therapist." No context needed. Watch the moment here.

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