Hong Kong Band Mirror Abruptly Ends Concert After Giant Monitor Falls on Dancer

During a July 28 concert, the Hong Kong boy band Mirror abruptly ended their concert after a monitor crushed one of their dancers. Find out more below.

By Daisy Maldonado Jul 28, 2022 7:27 PMTags
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At least five people are injured and three are hospitalized after a concert in Hong Kong went horribly wrong. 

The boy band Mirror was performing a show at the Hong Kong Coliseum on July 28 when one of the large video monitors above the stage suddenly fell down, crashing down onto one of the dancers while knocking over another, footage of the incident has since surfaced online. The band's manager, Ahfa Wong, took THE stage following the accident to apologize and cancelled the remainder of the show.

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This isn't the first accident that's occurred recently during Mirror's ongoing concert series at the Hong Kong Coliseum, which is scheduled to run from July 25 to August 6.

During their July 26 performance, a member of the band, Frankie Chan, fell off the stage while giving a speech, prompting backlash from fans concerned the venue was not implementing safety measures for the musicians. Following that event, over 13,000 fans signed a petition urging organizers to take better care of performers.

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"All Hong Kong Mirror fans have been looking forward to Mirror's first concert for a long time," reads the petition, "but the day before it started, we were shocked to hear that a dancer was injured and admitted to the hospital."

It continued, "We now hope that the organizer will face up to the problem and ensure the safety of all performers (including Mirror's 12 members and all dancers)."

In response to the outrage, a fence was installed by the stage and Frankie assured fans he was alright. The 33-year-old singer later posted a picture of himself smiling and showing only a small scrape on his left arm per a screenshot shared by a fan.

He wrote at the time, "Sorry for making everyone worried. I was too absorbed in my speech. I only scratched myself a bit. I'm a lucky man."