How Waterproof Is Your Mascara? We Took Our Faves to the Limit With the #EMascaraChallenge

We show you just how waterproof our favorite waterproof mascaras are with the #EMascaraChallenge.

By Kristine Fellizar Aug 01, 2022 10:00 PMTags
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When the weather outside is as hot as it's been all summer, you need beauty products that can hold up in the heat. Thankfully, there are a number of waterproof mascaras out there that promise to give you gorgeous lashes without you having to worry about looking like a raccoon in the middle of a hot day. But not all waterproof mascaras are created equally, and there are a few that we think stand above the rest. 

E! Insider editors took the ultimate waterproof mascara challenge to see which mascaras actually work for them. They tried products from drugstore, premium and clean beauty brands, and wore them while at the gym, the pool, the shower and out in the sun. Because we're not afraid to go above and beyond here at E!, one editor dunked their head in a bowl of water a few times just to make sure these waterproof mascaras were actually waterproof.

E!'s own Erin Lim showed off how waterproof her mascara was in a nod to a popular TikTok video where she pretends to be out in the rain, and Francesca Amiker took her waterproof mascara for a spin in the pool. Let's just say, we were very happy with the results.

If you have a waterproof mascara you swear by, we invite you to take the #EMascaraChallenge yourself. 

Wondering which waterproof mascaras lived up to expectations? Check out our favorites below.

The 15 Best Sweat-Proof Beauty Products To Help You Beat the Heat This Summer

Premium Beauty

Lancôme Définicils Lengthening and Defining Waterproof Mascara

"Erin Lim recommended this mascara as one of her favorites—and wears it in the video above. I was initially worried about the price point, but man is it worth every penny. It makes my lashes long, separated and fanned out, and it completely held up after I repeatedly dunked my head in a bowl of water to try its waterproof-ness. It not only stayed put, but my lashes still looked great even while soaking wet. Love it." —Kate Riley

Neogen Dermalogy Extra Slim Metal Mascara Amazon

"This ultra-slim mascara, which features a unique metal wand, gives me the look of false lashes. With one coat, my lashes are sky-high and separated to perfection. In addition to the finish, what I love about this waterproof mascara is that it doesn't dry down too fast, giving me time to wipe away any transfer on my lids (which happens to me a lot!). However, once it's dry, it's not going anywhere. Another perk? It easily comes off with an oil-based cleanser, so I don't have to try too hard to remove it." —Alyssa Morin

"This mascara stayed on without flaking, smearing or giving me the dreaded dark circle under-eye look, no matter what I did. I sprayed my face with water, dunked my head in water, and through it all, it stayed put. It almost felt like my mascara has been tattooed on! I will absolutely be using this product again, and not just because of its performance, but because I love products that try to be as waste-free as possible and because this wand is metal, it means that when you run out of mascara, you can just buy a new pot and transfer your previous wand over to it." —Melanie Bromley

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Waterproof Mascara Topcoat

"The coolest thing about this product is that it's a topcoat, so you can layer it over your favorite mascara and know that it will keep everything locked in place. The clear gel is undetectable, too! It blends seamlessly with other mascaras and feels weightless, which is nice because it doesn't feel like you're applying layers of thick mascara. The only downside is that it works so well that it's a bit harder for me to remove, even with an oil-based cleanser." —Alyssa Morin

MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara

"I love the MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash. I've worn it for years, everyone on E! is aware of it, and it's just so good at staying on. This is the mascara that has gotten me through multiple sweaty European summers, as well as Burning Man and other festivals, which are the ultimate tests of whether a mascara can stand up to anything." —Melanie Bromley

Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

"A waterproof mascara that doesn't run or clump? Yeah, it really is better than sex. My eyes are quick to water but with TooFaced's mascara, I never have to worry about smudges under my eyes throughout the day. Plus, this mascara offers great length to my lashes. The advertising is simply spot on." —Jamie Blynn

Clean Beauty*

CoverGirl Lash Blast Clean Waterproof

"Before I got my eye lash extensions, I used to be obsessed with waterproof mascara since it was the only kind that would make my eyelashes stay curled. One of my favorites for the summer was the CoverGirl Lash Blast. Not only was it super inexpensive, but it always stayed on through pool parties and the beach." —Maddy Hirano

*Per CoverGirl, this mascara's vegan formula is free of parabens, sulfates, talc, and mineral oil. Per Ulta, the packaging is FSC Certified, meaning it is made from 80% recycled paper from well managed forests, and is also Leaping Bunny Certified, meaning it is never tested on animals.

Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara

"The Rare Beauty mascara isn't advertised as being waterproof, but I've worn it in the pool, jacuzzi and ocean this summer, and it never runs. I also wear it sometimes during workouts after work when I don't have time to take my makeup off before the workout. It doesn't even run when I'm sweating. Obsessed." —Carly Shihadeh

*Per Rare Beauty, this formula is free of parabens, vegan and cruelty-free.

Drugstore Beauty

L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof Mascara

"I dabble with others, but I always go back to L'Oreal Carbon Black Waterproof Voluminous. It's a classic for a reason! It doesn't clump, it adds a ton of volume and it is super affordable. A true triple-threat." —Tierney Bricker

"I dunked my head in a bucket of water to try this, and it stayed on. No smudging, nothing!" —Kate Riley

L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara

"In my experience, Voluminous Lash Paradise by L'Oreal won't budge until I take it off. Cry away—but hopefully happy tears!" —Natalie Finn

Maybelline Lash Discovery Waterproof Mascara

"My cheap option is Lash Discovery Waterproof by Maybelline. It's a mini brush waterproof and I find it to be really, really good once I've used my curler, and it highlights all my individual lashes. For me, what's important with a mascara is not having anything that's clumpy but also having something I can build on. If just want a natural look, it will separate my lashes, and if I want something more dramatic, I'll be able to layer mascara on. This product can do that." —Melanie Bromley

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