Paul Wesley Transforms Into an Older Man For Flowers in the Attic: The Origin

Vampire Diaries alum Paul Wesley transformed into an older man for his role on Lifetime's Flowers in the Attic. Get a glimpse at his conniving performance here.

By Daniel Trainor Jul 26, 2022 4:00 PMTags
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This is Paul Wesley like we've never seen him before.

With old-age make-up and gray hair, the former Vampire Diaries star transforms into the menacing Amos in E! News' exclusive sneak peek of the finale of Flowers in the Attic: The Origin.  

Amos is called in for support after his cousin Olivia Winfield Foxworth (Jemima Rooper) is rocked by the departure of her daughter Corinne (Hannah Dodd) and Corinne's partner—and half sibling!—Christopher (Callum Kerr). 

"After Corinne and Christopher left, I found myself in, well, rather a dark place," Olivia tells Amos upon his arrival to Foxworth Hall. "I suppose I was finding it increasingly difficult to find the light where it used to shine so brightly."

Amos does his best to console her—at least initially.

"A certain amount of darkness is to be expected," he says. "You've suffered tremendous loss."

With Amos' attention totally fixed on her, Olivia begins to open up even further.

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"I keep thinking some of it may have been my fault," she reveals to Amos. "I should have found a way to open my heart to Corinne and Christopher."

That's when Amos starts to get brutally honest.

"Absolutely not. You provided everything for Corinne and she chose a path of moral corruption," he insists. "Any further contact with her would pull her into the life of sin that she has chosen to live. Whatever befalls her now is God's way of punishing her."

When Olivia suggests that not having Corinne in her life feels like her own punishment, Amos says, "One might ask, and certainly not me, if you have done anything that merits punishing."

There's something off with this guy.

Based on V.C. Andrews' 1979 novel Flowers In The Attic, the four-part Lifetime series also co-stars Harry Hamlin, Max Irons, Kate Mulgrew and Kelsey Grammer.

See old Paul Wesley in the Flowers in the Attic: The Origin finale, when it airs on July 30 on Lifetime.

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