Severance Cast Shares Their Dream Guest Stars For Season 2

At Comic-Con 2022, Ben Stiller, Adam Scott and more Severance stars shared the people they'd want to see in season two, and their answers might surprise you.

By Cydney Contreras Jul 22, 2022 7:49 PMTags
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President Barack Obama in Severance season two? We can only dream—literally.

The cast and crew of Apple TV+'s Severance is nominated in 14 categories at the 2022 Emmy Awards, meaning they're set to rub elbows with some pretty famous people at the Sept. 12 ceremony, including the former president, who received a nod for Outstanding Narrator. "I don't know if Obama is going to be there," creator Dan Erickson told E!'s The Rundown at Comic-Con. "So I think he could be great."

Ben Stiller, who directed six of Severance's nine episodes, suggested his character will be named Barry O., with Adam Scott adding, "And he has no idea he was president."

As for Jen Tullock, she wants her character Devon to find love with a woman. "I said I want a romance with Jennifer Lopez," she deadpanned. "I wasn't coming back without her." Hey! It's worth a shot.

Jokes aside, the cast shared very little about what's to come in the new episodes since some people have yet to watch the first season, which was filled with plot twists and intense scenes. As Ben said, "I think where the season ends off, there's a lot of questions... so I think we're going to get answers, hopefully."

Comic-Con 2022: Star Sightings

The cast did share that they're frequently lost by the show, both literally and metaphorically. The Lumon offices are literally a maze of hallways and weird rooms, which they actually created on a soundstage to enhance the actor's experience. But Adam shared, "More than once I would get lost."

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You see, the hallways actually changed throughout filming. "You would be walking for five minutes and hit a dead end," Adam continued. "Meanwhile, you're going to be late, so I would just have to yell out that someone needs to come find me."

In the end, it turned into a game of Marco Polo, which fans can kind of experience at Comic-Con 2022. The Apple TV+ team, in coordination with Ben, recreated the severed floor of Lumon Industries at the Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, where attendees can become employees and undergo the Severance procedure (it's only pretend!), before taking a tour of the property. Are you innie or outtie?

Season one of Severance is streaming now on Apple TV+.

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