Watch Ryan Gosling Respond to Eva Mendes' Comment About Starting a "Kenaissance"

Ryan Gosling dug deep into his experience starting what his partner Eva Mendes calls a "Kenaissance" while shooting the new Barbie film. Find out if you've got Kenergy below.

By Emlyn Travis Jul 21, 2022 4:40 PMTags
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Ryan Gosling is proving that life in plastic truly is fantastic.  

The actor, who plays Ken in Greta Gerwig's upcoming film Barbie alongside Margot Robbie, addressed his longtime partner Eva Mendes' comments about kick-starting a "Kenaissance" after photos from the movie's set recently took the world by storm.   

"It's happening. It's happening now. The Kens are everywhere," Ryan shared while visiting Good Morning America on July 21. "I see all my Kens. There's Kens in this room." 

What does it take to become a Ken? Well, according to Ryan, it's just an innate, magical quality—a Kenergy, if you will—that you either have or you don't. "It's hard. A lot of people don't know this, but George Lucas based The Force on Kenergy," he explained. "It's always been there." 

It hasn't been easy for Ryan to tap into his own Kenergy. "I can't even get into it really. We don't have the time. It's a lot to be Ken, but we need to talk about Ken at some point," Ryan joked. "'We Don't Talk About Bruno?' No, 'We Don't Talk About Ken.'"  

Barbie Movie Photos

And, when he's not sporting a neon ensemble to go rollerblading or his best pair of cowboy boots on set, the Oscar nominee is a family man first and foremost.

Not only did he give Eva his iconic Ken boxers, but Ryan also told the Good Morning America hosts about what it was like bringing his family on location while filming the Netflix film The Gray Man

The actor—who is dad to 7-year-old daughter Esmeralda and 6-year-old daughter Amada—explained that he was mid-filming an action sequence that "hinges on me being handcuffed to this bench" when his phone began to ring.  

"We're in Prague and there's lots of explosions going off and I was there with Eva and the kids and they were in a hotel nearby," Ryan said on the show. "I got a call in the middle of one of the scenes and I kind of hid behind the bench and used my free hand and it was Eva saying, 'How long are these explosions gonna go on? Because the girls have a piano Zoom class in like an hour.'"

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