Michelle Trachtenberg, Gossip Girl

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Could Michelle Trachtenberg be skipping out on Gossip Girl?

Michelle is one of the stars of Mercy, NBC's upcoming drama about nurses, which just got pushed up to fall from midseason. What does the earlier premiere date for Mercy mean for Michelle's guest gig on G.G.? Will it happen after all? We have the answer.

Plus, read on to find out which Glee kids are going to hook up, which Melrose Place character comes to town with an ulterior motive and who's getting a new love interest on 90210...

Annie in Bristol, U.K.: Does Wilson get a new love interest this year on House? It has been a whole season since Cutthroat Bitch died.

House star Robert Sean Leonard says his character's romantic prospects this season are all but nonexistent. Sorry to get your hopes up. RSL says, "I find all that onscreen love stuff very awkward and embarrassing. I really loved working with Anne Dudek though, and I miss her."

Joaquin in Querétaro, Mexico: Do you have anything on Brothers & Sisters for season four?
Sources tell us B&S star Matthew Rhys (aka Kevin Walker) is going to direct an episode this season. Congrats, Matthew. Couldn't happen to a nicer, smarter guy.

Oheins09, via Twitter: I can't help it. I'm mildly obsessed with The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Can you tell me about any of the behind-the-scenes drama?
Drama? Hardly. But we recently caught up with Allen Evangelista (Henry Miller) who let us in on some on-the-set Secret Life competition: "Molly Ringwald (Anne Juergens) plays chess. And now I'm learning. I think I can take her." How's that for spicy gossip?

Ellen in Santa Barbara, Calif.: I'm a huge fan of Shiri Appleby and the buzz on Life Unexpected is great. Is there any chance Unexpected will premiere earlier than midseason?
We all adore Life Unexpected! Life is very WB 2003 (that's a good thing!), with the heart of Everwood and the fast-paced wit of Gilmore Girls. Anyway, we can tell you that production begins in September in Vancouver. (Life is set in similarly overcast and alpine Portland, Ore.) Unfortunately for us early adopter types, a fall premiere for Life Unexpected is unlikely, unless something unforeseen and catastrophic happens with the CW lineup in the meantime.

Anne in Lowell, Mass.: I need scoop on season three Mad Men! Spill!
Would you take an exclusive scene shot from the first episode of Mad Men season three? See below. Welcome back, Roger Sterling and Don Draper! And don't forget: Mad Men season three premieres Aug. 16 on AMC!

Robbie in Silver Spring, Md.: Is there going to be a way to watch the Emmy nominations on Thursday? I love Jim Parsons, and I want to watch to see him!
For the first time ever, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will stream the 61st Primetime Emmy nominations live on July 16. East Coasters can watch at 8:35 a.m., while the West Coasters have to wake up extra early at 5:35 a.m. to catch Chandra Wilson and Jim Parsons announce the nominations live on Emmys.com this Thursday. If you don't want to wake up that early, you can set your TiVo. E! News is broadcasting live from the nominations with reactions from some of the stars immediately following, so tune in at 5:30 a.m. or hit the record button and snooze.


John Slattery, Jon Hamm, Mad Men

AMC/Carin Baer

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Dennis in Brooklyn, N.Y.: Now that Mercy begins shooting way earlier to fill in the gap left by Parenthood's move to midseason, what does this mean for Michelle Trachtenberg and her stint on Gossip Girl?
Our sources tell us that Michelle Trachtenberg won't miss a beat of Gossip Girl. She's doing everything she was expected to do as of last spring, and Georgina's episodes are good! However, Kelly Rutherford will be missing three episodes for her maternity leave. Still, despite Lily's absence, expect her love child Scott (Chris Riggi) to stay front and center this season. Are you excited for the biggest Humphrey-van der Woodsen crossover of them all, or are you withholding judgment on Scott until you get to know him better?

Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron, Lea Michele, Mark Salling, Glee

Matthias Clamer/FOX

Sarah in Pasadena, Calif.: Glee scoop please. Preferably on Finn and Rachel!
Lea Michele
really hopes Rachel and Finn (Cory Monteith) get together when Glee returns this fall: "I'm keeping my fingers crossed!" she tells us. As for Finn's current girlfriend, Quinn, she'll be sticking around for a while. Dianna Agron says, "There's more than one love triangle. There are many, many love triangles, and they're always changing."

Gabriela: In the next episodes of Glee, is there any hope or hint for us Puck-Quinn fans?
If you want to see the head Cheerio hook up with Mohawk guy, there is most definitely hope and a hint in the upcoming episodes of Glee, but we can't tell you more than that or Glee creator Ryan Murphy would kill us. OK, we'll give you a hint. At least two of the people pictured in the Glee photo above have a secret, and at least three are big fat traitors.

Paula in Columbia, S.C.: Any news on 90210?
Ooh, Silver is not going to like this one bit: Next season on 90210, Dixon flirts with another woman. Her name is Sasha, and she's a professional DJ who is said to have a Rihanna vibe. In other 90210 news, Annie stays psycho for the time being. As Monty Burns from The Simpsons would say, "Excellent."

Melrose Place, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Michael Desmond /The CW

J. in Kingman, Ariz. Talk to me about Melrose Place! The trailers look awesome, and I so want to watch those bitches on my TV right now.
The Melrose Place character to keep your eye on is Ashlee Simpson-wentz's. Violet looks fresh off the farm, but our sources confirm what we first suspected after screening the pilot: There is something shady going on with that girl.

Lee in Utica, N.Y.: Michelle Forbes' character Maryann from True Blood is freaking me out a little bit with her vibrational weirdness. Should we worry about our favorite Bon Temps residents?
You should worry. True Blood star Chris Bauer, who plays Det. Andy Bellefleur tells us, "I don't think any of us escape [Maryann's] alien magnet beam." Chris says that Maryann's turned Andy into a "pathetic, drunken mess." But really, "The whole town at this point is up for grabs." OK, fine, but if Maryann hurts Terry, we're going to have words.

Jane in San Diego: Any news on Nurse Jackie? It's turning out to be a wonderful show.
We already loved (loved) Edie Falco as Jackie and Merritt Wever as Zoey (OMG hilarious), but the next six episodes of Nurse Jackie begin to spotlight another lady of All-Saints: Eve Best's Dr. O'Hara. It turns out O'Hara's life isn't as carefree as her breezy manner would have you believe. Look for a personal crisis that gives Best some amazing material. She totally kills everything from a shopping-centric monologue about Stella McCartney to a morning hangover scene.

Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill

Fred Norris/The CW

Duffy in San Jose, Calif.: I heard one of my heroes is guest starring in the first episode of the new season of One Tree Hill. Do you have details? 
Yes we do, Duffy! Former NFL superstar Jerry Rice guest stars on the first episode of One Tree Hill this fall. He makes an appearance at Nathan's son's birthday party. Sophia Bush tells us it was mayhem when Jerry came on set: "It was really funny to see every guy lose his mind. When he walked on set, camera equipment was getting dropped and people rushed in. The grips, who don't care about anything were like, 'Oh my God, Jerry Rice!' People went nuts. And I was like, 'This is man world. We've entered a man cave.' "

Jenna from Kent, Ohio: Do you know who is coming back for the seventh season of One Tree Hill
As we all know, One Tree Hill has a revolving door of characters. The other day when we spoke with Ashley Rickards, she said it's not a question of if her character Samantha Walker is returning, but when: "I think Sam has a really strong bond with Brooke, and I don't see that just vanishing overnight."

Petra in Colorado Springs, Colo.: I read that the prophet Chuck appears on Supernatural again this season. I love that guy! What does he tell the boys?
The prophet Chuck is definitely back on SPN in season five. Our sources say he doesn't prophesize anything specific, but he does help out Sam and Dean. Also popping by this season will be one of Nathaniel's buddies, the archangel Raphael. According to Wikipedia, Raphael's specialty is healing. Wonder if he can help poor Sammeh with his season-launching nervous breakdown?

Benjamin in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: Any chance of bringing Kyle XY back from the dead?
Still can't bring Kyle XY back from the dead, but you can find Matt Dallas on ABC this fall. He's a hot, young love interest for Rebecca Romijn on Eastwick.

Autumn Reaser

John Shearer/Getty Images

Gaby in Dodge City, Kan.: What can you tell us about the new season of Entourage?
Autumn Reeser is back on our TVs! Happy dance! (She and fellow O.C.er Rachel Bilson have now officially been gone too long.) Autumn plays an upcoming junior agent at Miller-Gold who is hooking up with Gary Cole's greasy character, Andrew Klein. Also, we would like to formally request that Autumn become a regular in season seven and/or get a successful show of her own so we can hang out with her more.

Harriet in San Francisco: Any chance Divya and Evan are going to hook up on Royal Pains?
Regarding Evan Lawson's sexual chemistry with Divya (Reshma Shetty) on Royal Pains, Paulo Constanzo says, "There's definitely some tension. There's definitely something going on." As for Evan's upcoming woes, Paulo tells us, "Evan has a sordid past, and we're going to figure out what it is as the season unfolds."

Andy in Albuquerque, N.M.: When is Mary McDonnell coming back on The Closer?
The Battlestar Galactica star returns as Capt. Sharon Raydor in the July 20 episode to investigate another officer-involved shooting.

Jessica in New York: What's coming up on Saving Grace?
Grace (Holly Hunter) finds herself in serious danger when she goes after a rape and kidnapping suspect and ends up missing. We're told this Saving Grace episode, airing July 21, has a shocking ending!

Mickey in Montauk, N.Y.: Any more news on Army Wives? After a slow start, it's getting good again!
When we chatted with very sweet Army Wives star Catherine Bell, she told us: "We have some more humor this year. We just did a bunch of golfing scenes that are high-larious. Roxy, of course, can't hit a ball to save her life, which is funny, because Sally Pressman is an amazing golfer. And Denise turned out to be a bit of a shark. It's really funny."

Taylor Kitsch, FNL


Sophie in Hollywood, Calif.: What's Riggins up to next season on Friday Night Lights?
When we suggested Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) become an assistant coach for East Dillon's new ragtag football team, Friday Night Lights' Connie Britton replied: "That's not a bad idea. They tried to do that with Scott Porter's character so it would be funny if it was Riggins." What say you? Should 33 help coach the newbies? BTW, rumor has it that Riggins does not stay faithful to Lyla while she's away at college. Are you shocked? We're not.

Michelle in Wichita, Kan.: Any news on my beloved Dollhouse?
1. We'll be liveblogging Dollhouse's lost episode, "Epitaph One," for you from Comic-Con.
2. The season premiere is called "Vows," but whether those vows will be vows of marriage, vows of poverty or something else remains to be seen.

Burt in Kokomo, Ill.: Any news on Medium, which was blessedly saved by CBS?
Did all you Medium fans go see Sofia Vassilieva in My Sister's Keeper? Our little Ariel is all grown-up and doing major motion pictures. Sniff. Anyway, Sofia gets to show some more range in an upcoming episode of Medium, when Ariel is possessed by the ghost of an evil stripper. Yep, we just said ghost of an evil stripper. (Our jobs are fun.)

Emma in Las Vegas: Any chance Tonya and Ray could be a couple on Hung?
Being pimp and ho does not preclude Tonya (Jane Adams) and Ray (Thomas Jane) from taking their relationship to the next level. "We do have a lot of interest in them as a couple obviously," says Hung executive producer Colette Burson. "As the season goes on, [Ray] realizes that there's no one else that he can express his emotions to. He comes to realize that she's his only friend. She is really attracted to him and attached to him throughout."

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—Reporting by Natalie Abrams, Kirstin Benson, Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna and Jennifer Godwin


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