Eminem's Daughter Hailie Details "Surreal" Experience Growing Up With Famous Dad

In the debut episode of Hailie Jade's Just A Little Shady podcast, the 26-year-old is opening up about her "cool" childhood experience as the daughter of rapper Eminem.

By Kisha Forde Jul 18, 2022 4:37 PMTags
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The real Slim Shady's daughter is standing up—and taking the time to look back.
In the debut episode of her Just A Little Shady podcast, Eminem's daughter, Hailie Jade, recalled what it was like growing up as the child of the famous rapper. As Hailie explained, "casual, normal conversations" included inviting her childhood best friend (and now co-host) Brittany Ednie, along on his tour bus whenever the "Lose Yourself" rapper traveled.
"It's so fun to look back…thinking back as an adult, I'm like, ‘Wow, that's so, so surreal,'" the 26-year-old said during the July 15 episode. "And those memories of me thinking those were normal things, now I look back like, ‘Holy crap, that was cool."'

And as Brittany put it, those instances with her BFF are ones she'll always treasure. "'I remember going on [Eminem's tour bus] and all our memories of being young were so cool and unique to look back at now," Brittany explained. "At the time, it felt so normal and not anything strange or different. We didn't know any better."

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In addition to their rides across the country, the pair also recalled a trip to Disney World during their adolescence that sounds like every kid's dream.

"That was so fun," Hailie shared. "I always like think about that time. We went to Florida—my dad was working on something—and he set up for us to do, like, the limo and take it to Disney and we did the princess tea party, and he had the dresses waiting for us. And even then, like at the time like we were so happy and like so excited. But we didn't like get to appreciate that moment as much as now when we talk about it and think back on it."
Hailie's memories of her early years offer a rare glimpse into the relationship the influencer has with her dad. Although Hailie has made it known that she is clearly her dad's biggest stan in the past, the two have managed to keep their bond under-the-radar.


When asked by the Daily Mail in 2018 if she and her father see each other often, Hailie responded, "Of course, we're very close."