See Olivia Munn Wield a Knife in Tense Teaser for Tales of The Walking Dead

Olivia Munn and Terry Crews create a formidable tandem in the teaser for Tales of the Walking Dead. Get your first look at the highly-anticipated spin-off here.

By Daniel Trainor Jul 15, 2022 12:33 AMTags
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Just because you're on the run from zombies doesn't mean you can't have a little fun.

Olivia Munn and Terry Crews dabble in some apocalyptic humor in the first teaser for Tales of the Walking Dead, premiering August 14 on AMC and AMC+.

"You are a part of this beautiful place," Olivia tells Terry, as he looks around at the crumbling world around them.

"Beautiful?" he asks, to which Olivia responds, "Well, not here."

It's important to keep the camaraderie strong when your lives are being threatened by flesh-eating monsters.  

Olivia also flashes a knife in the teaser, so she comes equipped with more than just jokes.

The teaser also hints at a pairing between Parker Posey and Jillian Bell, while giving additional peeks at cast members Anthony Edwards, Embeth Davidtz, Jessie T. Usher, Daniella Pineda and Danny Ramirez.

Walking Dead fans will also recognize Samantha Morton, who is reprising her role of Alpha, the leader of The Whisperers, on the series. Tales of the Walking Dead follows characters both old and new and, seeing as Alpha died in season 10 of The Walking Dead, it's probably safe to assume her plot line will be of the prequel variety. 

Tales of the Walking Dead First Photos

"Each episode has its own distinct tone and point of view—but the stakes are high in each story, pushing new, indelible characters with relentless, life-threatening choices and situations," according to the network. "We get to see the apocalypse through different eyes, discovering more worlds, mythos and mysteries of The Walking Dead."

In addition to Tales of the Walking Dead, there's plenty more content for Walking Dead fans to get excited about in the not-so-distant future. A Daryl spin-off starring Norman Reedus—which no longer co-stars Melissa McBride as Carol—has been announced, while a spin-off starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, called Isle of the Dead, is set to premiere in 2023.

Tales of the Walking Dead premieres August 14 on AMC and AMC+.

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