RHUGT: Tamra Judge Alleges Denise Richards Tried to Hook Up With Her

Tamra Judge revealed a surprising story about Denise Richards on the latest episode of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip while recounting Brandi Glanville's alleged past hookup with Denise.

By Allison Crist Jul 14, 2022 6:00 PMTags
Watch: Tamra Judge "Surprised" She Hit It Off With Brandi Glanville

The great Real Housewives of Beverly Hills debate is back—but this time, an O.C. resident is involved. 

Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards' alleged affair dominated much of the Bravo series' 10th season, and while Denise has always maintained that no hook-up ever took place, Brandi remains equally adamant that they did indeed have sex. She doubled down on this assertion on the July 14 episode of Peacock's Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club, and much to her surprise, Tamra Judge admitted that despite knowing Denise for nearly 10 years, she's always believed Brandi.

"She actually called me when that went down," Tamra said of Denise. "She said, 'This is what's happening, you've been on the show for many years, what do I do?' I said, 'If it's not true then just say no, but don't give it that much life. If you're gonna fight it, it's gonna make you look guilty.'"

But fight it Denise did, all the way through RHOBH's season 10 reunion. According to Tamra, Denise also denied the hookup during their phone call. "I said, 'Are you sure?'" Tamra continued. "And she said, 'I swear to you, it never happened. Brandi is lying.' She completely denied it."

With that in mind, why would Tamra side with someone she didn't know versus a longtime friend?

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"Something happened at BravoCon," Tamra told her RHUGT co-stars. "[Denise] hit on me, too. She kept sending me text messages, wanting me to go to her room, kept asking me to go to her room and I'm like, 'Honey, I'm married.'"

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Tamra also revealed that she thought Denise's BravoCon behavior was the main reason she reached out the following year for help with the Brandi drama. "I think she called me because she knew what happened," Tamra said, "and she was afraid that, I don't know, maybe that I would say something. And clearly I am right now, so f--k me."

Brandi, for her part, was just thrilled to be vindicated by someone. 

Page Six was the first to report on Tamra's admission back in March.

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