Nikki Glaser Says FBoy Island Season Two Will Be "Very Different" for This Reason

By Paige Strout Jul 13, 2022 11:24 PMTags

Changes are coming to FBoy Island.

According to the show's host, comedian Nikki Glaser, fans of the HBO Max reality dating show are in store for a "very different" second season, which premieres July 14.

"Last season, the people that came onto the show didn't know what the show was," Glaser exclusively told E! News' Nightly Pop on July 12. "And so, that was fun, in and of itself, where they were just along for this ride."

"But this time," she continued, "they knew what the show was, so the people are game to get down—to lean into being an FBoy, to lean into being a girl who's trying to figure out who is an FBoy and who isn't."

The show's rules are simple: If leading ladies Mia Emani Jones, Louise Barnard and Tamaris Sepulveda pick a "nice guy" at the end, they get to split a cash prize of $100,000. But if their selection turns out to be an FBoy, he gets to keep the cash all to himself.

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The stakes are higher than ever, as the 38-year-old host confessed that she often lost track of the guys' true identities while filming.

"They really do all seem like FBoys," Glaser joked. "I kinda knew who was who at the beginning of the show, but I forgot almost instantly because they all seem like FBoys. They're all so good at lying."

Hassen Salum/HBO Max

Like the women of FBoy Island, Glaser also found love on a TV show, as she confirmed on Nightly Pop that she is currently dating her former ex Chris Convy after they rekindled their romance on the E! reality series Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?

"We say that we are 100 percent official," she revealed. "He is my boyfriend. I love him. We are together. He's a guy I've been on and off with for nine years, but everything you saw was real—and now you can know that in the end, the show got us to end up together."

Let's hope the women of FBoy Island have the same amount of luck as Glaser! 

FBoy Island season two premiers Thursday, July 14, on HBO Max. Catch up on Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? here.