Watch EJ Johnson and Greg Mathis Jr. Bond Over Coming Out in the Public Eye

By Brett Malec Jul 14, 2022 5:00 PMTags
Watch: EJ Johnson Helps Greg Jr. Prepare to Publicly Come Out

Coming out can be hard to do, especially in the public eye.

Greg Mathis Jr. is seeking advice from longtime friend EJ Johnson in this preview from the July 17 episode of E!'s Mathis Family Matters. Judge Greg Mathis' son is almost ready to tell the world he's gay, but admits he still has some reservations—mainly because of the fame surrounding his father.

"I do want to get into the advocacy space, LGBTQ advocacy," Greg Jr. says in the sneak peek. "Part of it is the nervousness of coming out for myself publicly and saying, 'I am gay.' I've never done that before. Now with this announcement I feel like it's going to become Greg, Judge Mathis' son, and this is who he is and this is what he's saying."

"It will, absolutely," EJ replies during their heart to heart. "It's a big step. Our families aren't like any other families. That's a big moment."

Of course, with EJ's dad being famed basketball star Magic Johnson, he knows exactly where Greg Jr. is coming from.

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Greg Jr. adds, "I do have a lot of anxiety about coming out to the world publicly. One thing I think about a lot is how people are going to react to me, to [my boyfriend] Elliott and I, to my family, my dad and his career. What does that mean when his fans, who tend to be more conservative, find out about me? But at the same time I do recognize that this is bigger than me."

Later on during their lunch date, EJ admits he was "so taken aback" one time when Greg Jr. told him around co-workers, "I'm not out to these people so don't mention it."

"I'm like, 'What, miss thing?'" EJ said with a laugh. "We've been dancing and doing our thing all over the world. What are you talking about?"

See the sweet bonding moment in the preview above.

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